Japanese Stationery: 5 Reasons Why We Love It

Japanese stationery is acknowledged as among the greatest in the world. While Japan constantly innovates to manufacture some of the best stationery on the market, many people are still perplexed as to why it is so popular. In Japan, stationery is a way of life. Japan provides the greatest quality stationery for consumers, owing to its long-standing culture of seeing penmanship. Here are 5 top reasons why Japanese stationery has our hearts:


Since the 6th century, Japanese Calligraphy has been a popular tradition. Handwriting is considered an art form in Japan, and as children grow older, they develop a much greater appreciation for fine writing instruments. Japan has always laid great on the quality of its writing, which necessitated the use of the best instruments to convey its ideas.

Thus, Japanese stationery offers the highest level of quality for people who wish to concentrate on having the greatest writing experience possible. Click Here to view a few of the premium quality Japanese writing instruments available in India.



One of the biggest illusions that we, as customers, have is that the higher the quality of the product is, the higher the price would be. Japanese stationery manufacturers burst this myth with their affordable yet ‘made to last’ products. Japanese stationery isn't synonymous with low-cost, badly manufactured goods. In fact, the everyday collection or better known as the pocket-friendly stationery offered is just as good, if not better, as the mainstream international brands. Try using the Tecflow Gel Ink Pen by Kaco and decide if you see yourself inclined towards Japanese stationery.


Of course, given that we're discussing Japan, it'd be a mistake not to consider the 'kawaii factor.' In Japan, creativity is highly valued. We all know that standard pens and sticky notes will get the job done, but the adorable stationery will keep you motivated and creative throughout your long days of study and work. The various prints, patterns and designs will surely make you scream “cute!” out of excitement! Moreover, their innovation alongside creativity gave birth to some of the most aesthetically pleasing stationeries like the Pure Coloured Pens by Kaco.



Japan is well-known for its technological advancements and innovation; this applies to stationery manufacturing industries as well. Customers expect novel and fresh stationery, whether it's a notebook, pen, journal, or plain paper. Thus, the manufacturers set out to produce more unique, inventive, and functional products. When you handle a piece of Japanese stationery, you're holding an instrument that's been precisely constructed to provide you with the best possible experience. One such example is the Glue Tape by Plus Japan that practically eliminates drying time and the need for the glue stick.


Sophisticated Premium Stationery

Premium Japanese stationery companies are known for their long-lasting products that never go out of style. They provide aesthetically pleasing timeless, gender-neutral, and top-notch quality products. The premium stationery that they offer writes like a dream, quality at an affordable price, with a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Their expertise can be seen in the harmony between design and execution. Their compact, feature-filled Business Folders are the right example. 


Japan is a country and culture that takes stationery very seriously! Japanese stationery is nirvana for stationery enthusiasts like us and we at Scooboo are proud to offer you some of the best-loved stationery from Japan! 

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