5 Tips to Get Over a Creative Block

Creative block is something that we’ve all been through. The fear of the blank canvas or screen staring right back at you gets to everyone. Right before I started writing this blog, I changed the topic thrice and yet still couldn’t come up with anything! And let me tell you, it was aggravating!

We understand your annoyance, so we’re here to the rescue. Continue reading and we (hopefully) will inspire you and get those creative juices flowing!

  1. Go outside
    It’s no mystery that spending time with mother nature boosts our creativity and feed our soul, so go outside!  Take a walk in your favourite park or maybe discover a new lake in your city. Trust us, that will get your creative juices flowing for sure!
    Being in the same environment for a long time can obstruct our creativity. Inspiration will automatically strike you when you explore nature because it helps to free up these constrained ideas.

  2. Take a break
    Sometimes, it's all about finding the right balance! If you ever find yourself obsessing on the same artwork for hours on end, taking a break from it can be the best thing. In the meantime, you can pick a new book up or even tidy the heap of crumpled clothes in your wardrobe! Coming back to your unfinished artwork can do wonders! 

  3. Try something new
    When we subtly push our limits and get out of our comfort zone, our creativity improves. Of course, this does not mean that you push yourself to a level where you feel completely out of place. Try a new painting technique or give the medium that you dislike a second chance or even experiment with a different art style altogether! Sometimes even the best ideas are found in places where you least expect them to be.

  4. Create something bad
    One of the most important things that artists should do is give themselves permission to create something they think is horrible. Holding back because of the fear of failure can stymie your creative thinking. So, jump right in, and create something without getting in your head too much!

  5. Disconnect
    We cannot stress how important it is to give yourself a digital break once in a while. With the pandemic hitting us, our screen time has spiked since 2019. Most of us spend the day glued to our screens, willingly or unwillingly. So, turn that phone off and let your brain breathe. You'll notice a big difference in not only your creative thinking but also your efficiency once you get into taking healthy breaks from social media. Remember, there is nothing wrong with going off the grid at times!

At the end of the day, keep in mind that being stuck isn't the worst thing and that it does not make you a bad artist. Creative blocks are merely a part of the creative process and can actually lead to a breakthrough!

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