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New year gifting under Rupees 1000

The year's final day of December is almost here. Just like every year, the New Year officially begins on January 1st at midnight. Celebrated throughout the world with much delight and enthusiasm. People utilize this significant day to celebrate the new year in their special way. Various presents are purchased by people for their loved ones and coworkers.

Your family's preferences may be known to you, but what about your coworkers? You could be concerned about what to provide and whether it should fall .within a certain price range. Scooboo provides a vast selection for this. If you are reading this, you may get beautiful stationery under 1000 since it offers stationery within your price range.

Corporate gifting under rupees 1000

1) Chaarpai Habit Tracker For Twelve Months

  • Helps Develop positive habits to lead a better life.
  • Can be Use this habit tracker calendar each month to keep tabs on your progress.
  • It has a 12-month plan.


  • Put an end to yearly calendar changes.
  • Its bold and colorful calendars are timeless.
  • There are two slots in this calendar: Day and Date.
  • Turn over and adjust as necessary.

3) Kaco Lemo Pen Holder - 1 pc

  • Lemo pen holders are made with a skilled approach to give them a stylish appearance.
  • simple to clean, long-lasting, and durable
  • corner radius
  • The Lemo pen stand is lightweight and sturdy since it is composed of top-notch materials.
  • Lemo pen stands are the ideal size to keep all your materials close at hand, so say goodbye to a cluttered desk.
  • Simple High-End Business Stationery for the Desktop.
  • You may set up your stationery in any way you choose. Lemo Pen Holder Features Two Compartments: They provide a selection of goods suitable for both work and home usage, including tape dispensers, business card holders, magazine holders, pen and coin holders, desk organizers, paper clips, pins, and thumbtacks.

4) Lemo Scissor + Cutter

  • Lemo scissors' blades maintain their sharpness over countless cuts.
  • Ideal for garments, crafts, and paper, with an ergonomic style for comfort.
  • It is a multifunctional scissors
  • Non-slip surface and superior materials
  • Blade polishing for better cutting
  • The handle has a soft touch for simple cutting
  • The scissor's lifespan is longer.
  • Sharp and simple to use, it makes cutting fabric, paper, etc. easy.
  • The scissor's surface feels pleasant to touch.
  • It is a user-friendly layout that is secure to use

5) Solo Paper & File Tray- 2 Compartments

  • There are 2 compartments.

  • Special interlocking raisers are present.

  • Its extra-large dimension makes it simple to easily accommodate extra-large files and documents in quantity.

  • Special interlocking raisers are present.

  • There is enough room between the trays to reach inside with the forearm and access little things.

  • Each deck, which is sturdily constructed, can contain 1000 sheets of paper.

As usual, the list hasn't been polished yet. Scooboo offers a huge selection that is affordable. As a result of your available budgets, you should quit caring about the quality. Additionally, you may benefit from free shipping and 10% off your first order.

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