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Pink is the new black

Top 5 stationery Items for Pink Lovers

Pink is the new black. That's right, pink has claimed its place in our life as a happy shade that can brighten up even the darkest of days and make us feel more cheerful. We are sure most of us have an item or two in our homes that has been pink-ified by us. Luckily it fits together just as well. Everyone loves a little pop of pink, especially when it comes to stationery items. Pink colours provide us with bright energy and energy needed to be productive, creative and energetic. Designers and stationery lovers can never have too many pink products. We all love to colour code, but the problem is that it tends to be black, grey and brown. This can get boring, so we wanted to help you see how awesome pink products are and make your desk or work area a fun and bright place.

If you're someone who loves pink, or enjoys thinking about all things girly, here are five stationery items that will benefit your life and make you happier than ever.


Ever dreamed of a pink rabbit backpack? Well, here you go! This cute backpack is perfect for school, sport and other activities. The lightweight bag is compact, yet sturdy enough to hold your books and laptop without weighing you down. Made from durable materials, this adventure-ready product is water-resistant and can be used with the attached shoulder strap for additional comfort.


This simple yet easy-to-use basket is your perfect companion for any occasion. Its whimsical construction with a sturdy handle and soft lining help create an inviting space for all of your essentials. The Palo Basket can hold stationery, kitchen supplies, sewing tools, toys and so on.


is a durable plastic pencil sharpener that resists breaking and is easy for little hands to manipulate. The extra sharp blade ensures smooth sharpening and avoids lead breaking, while the easy-to-use design with good protection from injury makes it perfect for school work or arts and crafts projects. It's also portable and easy to use, making it a great choice for anyone who needs it.


Give your little muchkins a cute plushy pink backpack to show off their happy, carefree and cute personality. Featuring a lovely monkey design, you can rest assured that your child will feel like they are totally in style. 


This cute and adorable bunny backpack is the perfect gift for your kids. The bag is made from a water-resistant material that protects it from being ruined by water and sand. It has plenty of room to hold books, school supplies, and even electronics. Your little one can wear it to school or in the park to get their daily tasks done without worrying about dropping things on the ground or worrying about whether or not they will be able to swing their backpack around while walking down a busy street.


Pink is the most popular colour to use in your day-to-day notebooks and stationery. It's a great way of adding a touch of colour, even if you work in a predominantly black and grey office. Pink is also a fantastic choice for school children when it comes to stationery as it will help them to be happy and cheerful.

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