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Professional Level Acrylics

Splitting up paints, experimenting with various colors, and creating various works of art are all part of the hobby of painting, and this constancy makes you an artist. You'll be pushed to your limits by The Passion. It will be difficult for you and need to sacrifices. However, you won't mind the effort because you are aware that it will improve you. When it succeeds, it will wow you with chances you never even dared to imagine. We have a surprise in store for you just as the Black Friday sale begins.


For all of the professional artists out there, Scooboo provides the finest deal! The greatest and largest offer for you is here during the black Friday sale.


What Is Added In The Professional Level Acrylics?

Since this package is specifically designed for acrylic experts, only high-quality components have been included! These will never let you down and guarantee the top artwork!


1) Brustro Artists’ Metallic Gouache

  • It comes in a package of 18 different, dazzling metallic colors that come in 12ml tubes and may be used to give your artwork highlights and reflecting properties. 
  • They have rich, velvety matte finishes and smooth, creamy consistency with highly pigmented, dramatic metallic colors.
  •  Over previously painted surfaces, the colors are evenly distributed from light to dark without removing the underlying paints.
  •  The set's components are most effective when used with paper, boards, wood, and primed canvas, making them ideal for fine art and illustration, as well as for use in wall and furniture décor.

2)BRUSTRO Artists Acrylic Colours

  • 24 excellent acrylic color 12 ml vials are included in the bundle. These acrylic paints are ideal for adding brush strokes, palette knife imprints, and textured effects.
  •  Water-based, non-toxic, and quick-drying are the colors.
  • They can be mixed to create an infinite number of colors. 
  • They perform admirably on a wide range of materials, including paper, canvas, wood, and earthenware.

3) BRUSTRO Artists Special Effects Palette Knives

  • A very practical set of five knives that gives your creation a distinctive polish.
  •  This collection aids with the mixing, scumbling, and scraping of paints and may also be used with thick paints.
  •  The hardwood handle makes it easier to provide a proper grip and won't damage your work.

4) Scholar Acrylic Painting Pad A4

  • There is 10 heavyweight, acid-free papers included with this painting pad. 
  • These pages are glue bonded and are ideal for applying paint to.

5) BRUSTRO Artists Watercolours & Acrylics Miniature Brush Set of 12

  • The 12-piece brush set has synthetic bristles for fine detailing, giving you the best painting experience.
  •  It comes with a free brush stand and has ergonomic handles.

The most important lesson you will take away from this is that even in the most difficult situations, tenacity pays off. You will develop a passion for the arts through this hobby; many opportunities and experiences have arisen as a result. Scooboo has sorted it for you.

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