Stationery Trends for December 2023: Scooboo's Must-Have Products

Stationery Trends for December 2023: Scooboo's Must-Have Products

As December unfolds, the world of stationery sees a delightful array of trends that combine functionality with flair. Scooboo, the trendsetter in stationery, introduces a collection that embraces the spirit of the season. Let's dive into the stationery trends for December 2023 and explore the must-have products that Scooboo has to offer.

Kaco Kalor Watercolor Pen (Double Tip) Collaboration with National Museum - Unleash Your Inner Artist

In collaboration with the National Museum, Scooboo introduces the Kaco Kalor Watercolor Pen. This double-tipped pen is perfect for bullet journaling, planning, and hand lettering. With both bullet and chisel tips, it's an ideal tool for creative applications. The pen features acid-free, archival-quality ink, ensuring longevity and vivid colors. The comfortable triangle barrel adds an ergonomic touch, making your artistic endeavors a pleasure.

Kaco Right Choice Set II Black - The Ultimate Writing Companion

Scooboo presents the Black Friday Special, the Kaco Right Choice Set II Black—a 7-pen test set containing the best-selling Kaco gel pens. This set caters to a wide range of writing needs, ensuring you write with confidence. From the Jumbo black gel pen to the Turbo gel pen, each pen is designed for optimal writing pleasure. This set not only provides a variety of pens but also comes in an elegant box packaging.

Kalor Brush Pen - Painting Precision in Every Stroke

The Kalor Brush Pen from Scooboo's collection offers imported elastic soft heads, providing beautiful pen edges and allowing for free switching of painting thickness. With high-quality dye ink that ensures even and bright color output, this pen is a must-have for artists and enthusiasts alike. The safety pen cap adds an extra layer of protection, making it suitable for artists of all ages.

Kaco Pure Double Tip Permanent Marker - Dual-Tipped Convenience

Scooboo presents the Kaco Pure Double Tip Permanent Marker, featuring a dual-tip design for versatile scenarios. The broad tip is perfect for highlighting and large area coloring, while the fine tip is suitable for precise writing and drawing. With oil-based ink that's waterproof and durable, this minimalist and lightweight marker is a practical addition to your stationery arsenal.

Jumbo Gel Ink Pen Plaid 4pc/set - Durable and Stylish

The Jumbo Gel Ink Pen Plaid set by Scooboo is not just about style—it's about durability. With extra ink capacity, quick-drying pigment ink, and comfortable DuraBall tips, these pens provide a smooth writing experience. The plaid design adds a touch of sophistication, making them a stylish addition to your stationery collection.

Kaco Pure Recycled Plastic Ink Pen - The Green Hills 5pcs/set - Sustainable Elegance

Embrace sustainability with the Kaco Pure Recycled Plastic Ink Pen set, aptly named "The Green Hills." Crafted from GRS-certified 100% recycled plastic, each pen barrel preserves green landscapes for a sustainable future. With a Kefill double ballpoint nib for a smooth handwriting experience, quick-drying black ink, and double the writing length of standard requirements, this set exemplifies elegance with an eco-friendly twist.


Scooboo's curated selection of stationery trends for December 2023 combines functionality with aesthetics, offering stationery enthusiasts a delightful array of products. Whether you're an artist, a writer, or someone who appreciates sustainable elegance, Scooboo's December collection has something special for everyone. Elevate your stationery game this season with these must-have products that seamlessly blend style and purpose.


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