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Staying Organised with Stationery

The organization should make your life easier, yet it often intimidates or annoys you just thinking about it. Start small, we advise. You can achieve a cleaner existence with a few creative tools and minimal changes to your behaviors.



Nothing beats a classic pen and paper for getting your thoughts in order, with its space for creation and no distracting notifications.

Here, we'll offer some of our favourite analogue organising tools as well as some storage ideas available on Scooboo.



We write it down because it's difficult to remember everything. Designate one area to keep all your thoughts to keep things simplified and simple–that way, it'll always be there as a reference.

Here are some of our favourite writing surfaces.


Pocket Notebook: Mooch Notebook



A pocket notepad is a necessity in our daily lives.

It is lightweight and tiny, making it easy to transport and providing a convenient place to write down ideas, thoughts, and reminders.

Mooch Notebooks are popular because of their unique covers and amusing embellishments.


Memo Pad: Papercoal Memo Notes



Memo pads, like pocket notebooks, are a handy and accessible place to jot down ideas, with the added benefit of easily removable sheets.

When it comes to convenience, the Papercoal Memo Notes go above and beyond. 


Planner: 2022 Dated Week Planner



A planner contains all the constraints needed to organise your calendar and other activities if pocket notebooks and notepads are a touch too free-form.

The 2022 Dated Weekly Planner is probably the king of all planners, with a simple and traditional design that makes it extremely useful to have on hand throughout the year.


Sticky Notes: Papercoal Sticky Notes



Sticky notes are very useful to keep on hand, particularly in the home or office. Important notes and reminders should be scribbled down and placed in visible areas.

The Papercoal Sticky Notes are one of our favourites. They come in a typical triple inch (3x3) size that fits on your desk, notebooks, and other surfaces.




Page Markers: Post-it Page Markers



Page markers are similar to index tabs in that they indicate significant pages, but our favourites go one step further by highlighting the exact location you require.

Page markers make it easier and faster to access vital information, whether you're studying for exams, reading long, dense texts, or looking for information in your calendar.


Bookmarks: Gifts Of Love Magnetic Bookmark

A bookmark, like index tabs, can be used to mark essential pages. They'll last a long time, so choose something practical, like this Gifts of Love Magnetic Bookmark.


The outside of our magnetic bookmarks is laminated, and the interior is magnetised. Simply place it over the page where you want to stop reading to keep the pages together.


Binder Clips: SDI Binder Clips



These SDI Binder Clips securely hold documents and leave no binding marks.

Spring-tight binder clips keep folders linked together, preventing papers from slipping or tearing out; tempered steel structure gives further strength.




Clutter, as the phrase goes, is merely postponed decisions. Putting things away and knowing where they belong is a huge part of being organized.


To do so, classify all of your belongings by type and designate separate storage areas for each. Here are several tools that assist us in compartmentalizing.


Standing Pen Case: Lihit Lab Stand Pen Case 



If you like to keep all of your writing instruments and other little stuff in one place, we recommend purchasing a convertible pen case.

A convertible pen case, such as the stylish Lihit Lab Pen Case, can be used as a standing pen holder, allowing you to view and reach the tools you need fast. This is particularly beneficial for children who bring their tools to school and extracurricular activities.


Desk Organiser: Mas Desk Organiser Trendy



Keep your essentials organised in a desk organiser when you're not carrying them around. Your tools will be in one location and conveniently accessible. Mas Desk Organiser is a convenient way to keep your most crucial tools close to hand. 

It has a built-in tape dispenser to conserve room on your desk. It contains a variety of storage compartments of varied sizes to fit various objects and aid organisations.

Try the Lemo Desk Organiser alternative if you want something bigger.



When you're organised, life is more enjoyable! What are some of your methods for dealing with life's craziness? Please share your thoughts on

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