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The Art of Fine Writing

Music for the eyes, not the hearing, is what calligraphy is. For those who are interested in calligraphy writing, this package is helpful. This package includes supplies that may be used by both a skilled calligrapher and a beginner. Calligraphy increases neural activity, which aids in the expansion of our vocabulary and the creation of more thorough writings. When we type on mobile and electronic gadgets, we suffer a greater loss of tactile sensations due to our increased haptic sensitivity. 

One of the main advantages of calligraphy is that it fosters close bonds with those around you. Your message is strengthened by a calligraphic remark that is written by hand. So, for your convenience, here is the finest Black Friday deal combo.

The Art of Fine Writing

1) Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Starter Set Hand Lettering

Faber-Castell's starter set for modern calligraphy art teaches you the fundamentals of lettering. You will find all the information you need to sketch, outline, illustrate, and letter your designs in its clear instructions. Five India Ink Pitt Artist Brush Pens in Black and Grey are included in the set.

2) Karin Deco Brush - Pigment-Based Marker

The 10-colour set of Karin DecoBrush Markers comes in a sturdy metal container. Silver, Red Gold, Gold, Green, Light Green, Blue, Black, Copper, Pink, and Purple are among the hues. It uses liquid ink technology, which preserves color intensity down to the last drop and permits continuous control of paint application.

3) Brustro A4 & A5 Drawing Sheets

These sheets are ideal for dry media because they are acid-free. They come in a 24-sheet pack and are of archival quality.

4) Speedball Value Lettering & Calligraphy Kit

The necessities to get started with calligraphy and lettering are included in this package. It is ideal for calligraphers, students, and novices. The set includes practice paper, the Speedball Elementary Alphabets instruction book, 4 pen nibs (C1, C2, B4, and A5), one penholder, 12ml Metallic Silver Calligraphy Ink, 2oz Super Black India Ink, and 2oz Highly Effective Pen Cleaner.

5) Scrikss Calligraphy Set FP

It features chrome-plated brass parts. The item is a pen made of polished stainless steel with an iridium pill on top. Both converters and cartridges are compatible with the pen.

6) Rhodia Pascripe Calligraphy Practise & Correspondence Notepad

This PAScribe Calligraphy pad, designed by Rhodia in partnership with skilled calligrapher Paul Antonio, is excellent for calligraphy practice. It has 60 microperforated sheets of 120gsm black Carb'ON paper with horizontal 6mm ruling, and it is head-stapled.

7) Clairefontaine Pascripe Calligraphy Practise Pad

It is an A4 quick-drying pad that can be used for calligraphy and writing instruction.

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