In search of tranquillity & serenity

Stress levels are shown to fall dramatically in patients who engage in art-making or something as basic as coloring. When the patient is finally able to unwind, they are better able to concentrate on other things, such as processing their feelings, paying attention to themselves, and working on the emotional release. To process and comprehend emotions therapeutically while making art, art therapy uses media and the patient's creativity.

On the occasion of the Black Friday sale, we have the "In Search Of Tranquility & Serenity" combo for you. This package offers six creative things for a very reasonable price.

1) Brustro Technical Pen Black Assorted Set of 9

The item features Japanese nibs and is waterproof, fade-resistant, and chemically stable. It is best for paper crafting, journaling, fine art, comics, illustration, and anime, but has not been tested for use on the skin.

2) Staedtler Triplus Fine Liner (0.3mm)

These Fine Liner Pens have an ergonomic triangle form that makes writing comfortable and simple. They may be left open for days without drying out since they are Dry Safe. Depending on the paper or coloring book used, there may be little to significant "bleed through" with these fine-liner pens.

3) Brustro A4 & A5 Drawing Sheets

These sheets are acid-free, making them ideal for dry media. They come in a pack of 24 sheets with archival quality.

4) Maped Metal 9pcs Ruler Set

Since these sheets are acid-free, they are perfect for dry media. They come in a set of 24 archival-quality sheets.

5) Lyra Rembrandt Sketching Set

The kit includes a variety of premium pencils with very smooth leads and extra-durable cores. It features a fair ratio of oil-based and oil-free pencils, which makes them perfect for doodling and sketching. They leave a soft imprint that is easily muddled and have a strong colouration power.

6) Adult Colouring Book

Coloring books are no longer limited to children. This coloring book tackles ideas such as creativity, beauty, and more about the conscious creativity of adults. With its more than 30 designs, you may express your creativity while enjoying hours of leisure.

These are the items in this combo that are available for purchase on the official Scooboo website during this Black Friday sale. Get 10% off your first order as well!

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