Your Watercolor Buddy

Watercolors play an important role in your life if you’re an amateur or a professional artist. It doesn’t only make your art a colorful one, but it also helps you to give it some real effect. It is not always possible for beginners to invest a massive amount in art supplies, mainly watercolors. Keeping in mind the monetary factors of every artist, Scooboo has launched this amazing and colorful combo to make every artist’s painting pieces look real and give them a natural effect. 

Let’s check out the amazing products of this combo: 

BRUSTRO Artists’ Watercolour Tubes

 Every artist’s dream is to own a product manufactured by Brustro, but most can’t! But Scooboo is there to make your dream come true. You can now own this watercolor in this Scooboo’s Black Friday Sale at an amazing price! It is perfect to use on various kinds of textured paper. 

BRUSTRO Artist Drawing Glued Pad

All artists must have a drawing pad. It is mainly suitable for sketching and drawing with pencil, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, and ink. Its amazing features make it a perfect addition to your art supplies! It comes with papers made with quality lignin-free and acid-free cellulose, guaranteeing long-term conservation. 

Brustro Metallic Watercolour Half Pen Set Of 12

As the name implies, it is a unique metallic watercolor that can enhance any art piece to the next level. It contains 12 Richly pigmented colors with a beautiful metallic sheen and is made of mica pigments and gum arabic. These are mainly suitable for calligraphy and enhancing any existing art pieces!! 

Zebra Clickart Water-Based Pen 36 Colors Case Set

It is a fantastic combo that comes with 36 types of assorted and vibrant colors. The unique tip of the pen doesn’t dry out easily and has a light weighted body making it easy to carry. Grab this fantastic deal in this Scooboo’s Black Friday Sale!! 

Stationerie Handcrafted Signature Hybrid Set Of 10 Salwood

Brushes are the most important element in your art supply collection. When it comes to brushes, no brushes can be compared with the quality of this product. They are made from the finest synthetic fibres, making them perfect for oil, watercolour, acrylic, gouache, and face painting. It can also hold colours for a long time making it perfect for smooth strokes and bright colours! 


Black Friday Sale is worth waiting for all artists! Scooboo is one of the most renowned platforms that offer the biggest Black Friday Sale and provides a fantastic opportunity to grab your favourites under a budget. So what are you waiting for? Get the most popular and branded products at an affordable price with Scooboo on this Black Friday sale!!

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