Top 10 Must-Have Supplies for the Bullet Journaling Enthusiast

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Keeping a bullet journal is a distinctive and imaginative way to organize your life. The appropriate tools can make a great difference whether you're a beginner or an experienced journaler. We'll look at the top 10 essential supplies for bullet journal enthusiasts in this blog post. We have everything you need, from premium pens and notebooks to washi tape and stickers. These tools will not only make your life more systematic, but they will also make journaling a little more unique and creative for you. Read on to learn about the crucial supplies you need to make your bullet journaling journey successful, whether you're seeking to start a new journal or enhance your current one.

What is meant by Bullet journaling?

You may keep track of all your chores, events, and goals using the well-liked organizational method known as bullet journaling. Ryder Carroll created it, and it now has a huge following on social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest. The structure of the system is made up of several symbols that stand in for various forms of information, including tasks, events, and notes. Because bullet journaling is very completely adjustable, you can design a diary that suits your requirements and tastes. 

Typically, a key, index, future log, monthly log, and daily log must be created. The index makes it simple to locate certain pages in your diary, while the key identifies the symbols you use to represent various types of information. While the monthly and daily logs help you keep track of your everyday work and appointments, the future log assists you in making plans for impending events. Keeping a bullet journal is a fantastic way to be creative as well as keep organized and productive.

Difference between Journaling and Bullet Journaling!



Bullet Journaling


To record personal experiences, thoughts, and feelings

To organize and plan tasks, events, and goals


Free-form writing or artistic expression

The structured system uses symbols and logs


Entries can be made at any time

Typically includes daily, monthly, and yearly logs


Highly customizable, with no set rules or guidelines

Customizable to meet personal needs, but follows a specific format

Supplies Needed

Pen/pencil and notebook or journal

Notebook/journal, pens/markers, ruler, stencils, stickers, and other decorative elements


Helps with emotional processing and self-reflection

Increases productivity and organization while also allowing for creativity


May lack structure and direction

Can be time-consuming to set up and maintain


Personal diary, art journal

Planner, to-do list, habit tracker

10 Must-Have Supplies for the Bullet Journaling Enthusiast 

A highly customized organizational technique, bullet journaling needs the necessary tools to function well. Now we will discuss the top 10 supplies you must have to start with bullet journaling. We'll discuss the function each item serves in bullet journaling, things to keep in mind while choosing them, and offer suggestions for the top supplies to use. Having these necessary supplies will help you get the most out of your journaling experience, whether you're new to bullet journaling or an experienced individual.

  • High-Quality Journal: A bullet journal requires a high-quality journal. It must be durable enough to withstand regular usage and have pages that won't easily bleed or smear. When choosing a notebook, keep things like paper quality, binding, and size in mind.  If you are looking for a high-quality journal, look no further than the amazing Lovely Planning & Bulleting Journals. 
  • Quality Markers and Pens: The essential tools for keeping a bullet journal are high-quality markers and pens. Look for writing instruments that are pleasant to use. Also, you need to make sure that the ink is transfer-proof. To make your bullet journal visually appealing, think about using different colors for various categories of content. Sun Star Needle Pen & Marker is one of the most popular products suitable for bullet journaling! 
  • Ruler: Having a ruler on hand is useful for making neat grids and lines in your bullet journal. When designing habit trackers, calendars, and other layouts that call for exact proportions, it is very helpful. There are many kinds of rulers available, including cork, metal, and plastic. The Ruma Ruler & Bookmark will be the perfect choice for this category. 
  • Washi Tape: Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape that you can use to give your bullet journal a splash of color and style. It's a wonderful method to make borders, emphasizes crucial details, or give your pages some individuality. There are various options available in the current market. You can choose among them based on your choices and preferences. You can consider buying MT Masking Tape Fab Pearl in order to start with bullet journaling! 
  • Stencils: Stencils are a useful tool to have while designing your bullet journal's forms, icons, and other aspects. They can speed up the layout-creation process and assist in the creation of consistent shapes. Look for stencils made of sturdy materials that won't easily bend or shatter, such as plastic or metal. La Pajarita Stencils will be the best choice in this case!
  • Stickers: Using stickers to customize and decorate your bullet journal is simple and enjoyable. Numerous sticker designs are available, including inspirational sayings, adorning icons, and useful labels. Look for stickers that are simple to remove and won't damage the pages of your notebook. If you are not getting proper stencils, opt for the COLOR BLOCK ULTIMATE STICKER BOOK!
  • Highlighters: You can use highlighters to draw attention to key information in your bullet journal. You can use them to highlight important activities, occasions, or objectives. Look for highlighters that are transfer-proof. Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Deskset is the ultimate highlighter set you all need! 
  • Correction Tape or Fluid: Errors happen, but they don't have to ruin your bullet journal. Use correction tape or fluid. To correct mistakes and maintain orderly pages, correction tape or fluid can be a useful tool. Choose correction tape or fluid that won't smear or transfer proof. Plus Japan Correction Tape Pt is everything you need! 
  • Sticky Notes: Using sticky notes in your bullet journal is a great way to record ideas, notes, and reminders. They are portable and can be an efficient way to remember chores that need to be completed outside of your diary. Pick out sticky notes in a variety of colors and sizes that are simple to peel. If you are looking for some cute sticky notes, Deli Sticky Notes Neon is your ultimate partner! 
  • Pencil Case or Storage: The concluding item that every bullet journal enthusiast must have is a pencil box or storage. To keep your supplies organized, safe, and easy to access, you should have a designated space for them to be kept. To fit comfortably in your backpack or on your desk, look for a pencil case or storage that is the proper size for your supplies. Storage boxes, organizers, and bags are a few common choices. When choosing a pencil case or storage, take into account elements including the case's material, durability, and sections. Sun Star Smand Pencil Case is one of the most popular products available on our website! Grab it at a discounted price! 


Finally, bullet journaling is a fantastic method to keep organized, monitor your development, and show off your creativity. The top 10 must-have items for a bullet journal fan can help you design a customized system that works for you, from a high-quality notebook and premium pens to stencils and sticky notes. You may accomplish your chores and reach your goals while having fun and expressing your personality by spending money on these items. So gather your favorite tools from Scooboo, unleash your creativity, and begin bullet journaling right away! 

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