Top 10 School Stationery Items List

After two years of studying at home on a phone or laptop,  technology has changed the value of education, but many people still crave the traditional classroom setting. Getting together with friends, having lunch, and preparing the bags the previous day. The finest part, as might be agreed upon by all, was creating the stationery box from colourful items. The fight against the epidemic continues as kids return to class. 

Before returning to the classroom, let's not forget to pack all the necessary stationery. The most effective method to include high-end products Your one-step solution is ScooBoo. Here is a list of the top 10 stationery items you should always have on hand. 



The most vital item to keep in your stationery is a pencil.  Keep in mind to create and draw boundaries in your art journal. It helps you avoid mistakes and gives you infinite opportunities to fix your errors. 

2) Pens 

School provides us with subtle hints that students are progressing, such as pencils and pens. It demonstrates that certain errors are irreparable. Some people may choose gel pens, while others could favour ball pens. Pens give the pages a lovely shine while taking notes. Use a black pen to make the headings bold and a blue pen to write the rest.

3)Geometry Box 

Geometry Box is a lifesaver for everything from drawing straight lines to a flawless circle. Math is made interesting by the tools of the trade, and certain art classes are as well. The box's primary uses are as a scale, compass, and projector.  Prepare for tests that may be coming up soon by packing your geometry box, which can be useful at any time of the day.

4) Whitener 

Oops! Did you make any mistakes when using the pen to write? Can't supply you with a pen eraser, however, a  whitener will undoubtedly work. When switching from pencil to pen, a whitener can save you a massive amount of time. 

5) Highlighter 

The ideal tool for underlining significant headings or subheadings while taking notes is a highlighter. Additionally, 

it adds colour to your notes, which can aid in learning and reflect a sense of newness. 

6) Eraser 

If you make a mistake while writing with a pencil, an eraser will perfectly cover it up. A pencil is preferred when drawing since, if a mistake is made, the eraser acts as a permanent partner.


It should be evident that a pencil cannot be used consistently with the same grip. The sharpener is crucial to making it happen. The pencil is re-sharpened to the desired grip. 

8) Pencil Colors 

Using pencil colours to maintain colour is a simple and lightweight method. Pencil colours are most frequently used for a variety of tasks, including diagramming and utilizing them in drawings. Do you still use maps? Once more, carry your lightweight colours in your bag and you are ready for a colourful day. 

9) Sketch pens  

Sketch pens can be used to underline important passages in a  book or text as well as to highlight text in papers for work and education. When preparing for a test or writing an assignment,  students may find marker pens to be crucial stationery items.  They can use them to highlight important ideas and concepts.


Papers are joined together using a stapler. The staple, which is the fastener used in avoiding the need for the thread to connect the pages, can be used perfectly during exams.  Additionally, it facilitates the stapling of some notes. 


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