Brustro Professional Oil Mediums

Brustro Professional Oil Mediums

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Brustro Professional Boiled Linseed Oil 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free):-

Brustro Linseed oil is Boiled linseed oil Liquifies oil colors and speeds up the hardening giving a gloss finish. It encourages the paint to dry faster and gives a brilliant amber finish adding texture and roundness to it. Excess should be avoided.

Brustro Professional Clarified Linseed Oil 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free):-

Brustro Linseed oil is Extracted from linseed, it is a purified oil with a natural amber tint. Liquifies oil paints while retaining its original apperance. Dries faster than most other oils and adds body to paint. It is best to be used with dark or slow drying colours as it has a tendency to turn yellow over time. Excess usage should be avoided.

Brustro Professional Odour-Free Mineral Spirits 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free):-

Brustro mineral sprit are for Artists sensitive to odours, this medium reduces the odour while thinning the oil paint just like turpentine oil. It is ideal for cleaning brushes as well. It does not leave any trace upon drying and evaporates slowly without degrading over time.

Brustro Professional Refined Safflower Oil 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free):-

Being a clarified vegetable oil, it has low acidity. High resistance to yellowing and has excellent compatibility with pigments. When added to oil paints, it accentuates their fluidity, transparency, and gloss without altering the hue’s brilliance. However, it dries slower than linseed oil but can be safely mixed with it. Only 25% can be added to the total paint mixture.


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