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FLAT 10 % off on all purchases. Coupon Code - YAY10
FLAT 10 % off on all purchases. Coupon Code - YAY10

Derwent Pencil Extenders

Rs. 879.00


By using a pencil extender you can use almost every bit of a pencil before having to throw it away. It also makes shorter pencils feel more balanced and allows for a better grip. The Derwent Pencil Extender Blister Pack contains two pencil extenders, one of each size. Both extenders have a robust screw fitting to hold the pencils securely and a soft touch coating on the barrel for improved grip.

The Derwent Pencil Extenders allow you to have a better grip with pencils of all sizes. The soft touch coating on barrel of the pencil extender ensures an even more improved grip.


Contains a 7 mm Derwent Pencil Extender and a 8 mm Derwent Pencil Extender. The Derwent Pencil Extenders are available in two sizes; the silver extender fits larger sized pencils, up to 8 mm, including Derwent Pastel, Coloursoft and Artists Pencils. While the black extender is for use with standard sized pencils, up to 7 mm, including Derwent Graphic, Watercolour and Studio pencils.

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