Ekatra Self care box - Solid blue

Ekatra Self care box - Solid blue

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  • There are very rare days when you actually step up, get out of your bed and go for some self-care pampering!  Which is why we came up with one such Box of Happiness for you! Ekatra's specially designed Self-care Gift Kit is a place for you to record every good thought and memory of your life, keeping in mind the 5 most important aspects of Self-care -
  •    1. Emotional 
  •    2. Spiritual
  •    3. Sensory
  •    4. Mental
  •    5. Physical
  •    6. Social
  • With this Authentic gift kit, we’ll help you to find happiness from within by giving you the tools for self-satisfaction, improve your inner strength, and accepting yourself, helping you be the best self you can be to others around you, but most importantly, to yourself. This Self-care Gift Kit makes an excellent choice for GIFTING on any random occasion!

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