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Fluid Art Workshop with Prachi Bagnani (Sep, 2023)

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Get ready to create a masterpiece as dynamic and unique as you! Pour away your worries at our fluid art workshop - with mesmerizing swirls, captivating colors and hypnotic patterns! 😍✨

Where - The Foyer, Creaticity Mall, Yerwada, Pune
When - 3rd September, 2023 (Sunday)
Time - 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Why shouldn't you miss this fluid art workshop?

* Unleash your creativity, no prior experience required!
* Immerse yourself in mesmerizing fluid art techniques.
* Discover the joy of creating stunning abstract masterpieces.
* Let go and embrace the flow - no restrictions, just creative freedom!

What to look forward to?

* Guided by an expert artist, create your own unique fluid artwork.
* Receive a certificate to commemorate your artistic adventure!
* We've got all the art supplies covered – just bring your imagination.
* Connect with fellow art enthusiasts and ride the waves of creativity together!


About the Artist:-


With a background in dentistry, Prachi Bagani embarked on a transformative journey into the world of creativity. "Ek Udaaan - A Voyage to Freedom and Art" stands as a testament to her pursuit of artistic liberation, kindled by the enchanting tapestry of clouds, sunsets, and skies. A true explorer of mediums, this multi-faceted artist welcomes you to partake in their odyssey of unbounded expression. Join them on this extraordinary artistic expedition!

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