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Mont Marte  |  SKU: MAPL0008

Mont Marte Air Tight Watercolour Palatte

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Care Information

1. Use clean water for diluting your paints and cleaning your brushes. Dirty water can introduce unwanted colors and impurities into your painting.
2. Try to keep your watercolor paints free from contamination by not mixing them with other types of paints or using dirty brushes.
3. Use a palette to mix your watercolor paints rather than directly from the tubes or pans.

Barcode: 9328577004391



  •  Pack Of 18: Our Premium Airtight Watercolour Palette makes it easy to lay out your colors and create. With generously sized color wells, a removable tray and two large mixing areas.
  • If you can't finish your painting in one sitting, the airtight seal makes sure your colors stay fresh for when you are ready to pick up where you left off.
  • Keeps paint fresh between painting sessions with an airtight seal
  • Two large mixing areas
  • Removable mixing tray in the lid for easy clean up
  • This watercolor palette is suitable for beginner through to experienced artists
  • Pack Of 16: Our Premium Airtight Watercolour Palette features 16 deep color wells and three large mixing areas that make color mixing easy.
  • The layout gives you plenty of room to work so that you can use a range of colors and create your own unique tints, shades and tones.
  • To keep your paints fresh, this watercolor palette also has an airtight seal that allows you to save your mixed colors for your next painting session.
  • Experiment with color and create beautiful watercolor paintings with this practical and easy-to-use palette.



  • Brand Name
    Mont Marte
  • Product Type
    Water Colors
  • Dimensions
    4.02 x 6.54 x 2.48 inches
  • Weight
    112.8311 g

Other Information

Country of Origin: Australia
Manufacturer: Tianchang Mont Marte International Trading Co., Ltd., 50 Zhonghua Road, Nanjing, China50 Zhonghua Road, Nanjing, China
Marketed & Imported By: Radiant Art Impex, Bldg. No. A15, gala No. 8, Bhumi Ind. Park, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra- 421302, India
Customer Care: Write to us on or call us on 1800-309-9696

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jennifer grace
Convenient and Useful👆.

I love having 🥰the large mixing tray which I remove so I have two large trays and two smaller compartments for mixing my paints.

its@jazz world
Thumbs up!!👍👍

This palette allowed me to feel useful while I was stuck in bed with my leg elevated. It carried all the colors I needed for a long trip, had a large mixing area, cleaned easily and didn't leak.