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Majohn  |  SKU: MA001X

Moonman N5 Metal X Fountain Pen

Color: Black
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Care Information

1. Do not allow ink to dry out in the nib, as this will reduce and eventually stop the flow of ink.
2. Wash the nib occasionally after use as follows: Remove the ink cartridge then hold the nib under lukewarm running water. Dry it carefully with paper tissue.
3. Do not drop or knock your pen against a hard surface. To avoid accidental damage, replace the cap after use.
4. Always carry a fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.

Barcode: 6971357890016



  • Smooth water outlet system
  • Pen holder that won't drop paint
  • Aviation aluminum turning
  • The surface is anodized and frosted to solve ink rust and paint peeling.
  • A small amount of gold plated hardware is great and elegant
  • Brass inner tube art culinary paint
  • Good sealing and versatility, easy ink absorption and anti-leakage
  • Head and tail umbrella shape top bead, thin waist and middle ring, soft and hard


  • Brand: Moonman
  • Cap Length (Approx.): 140Mm
  • Weight: 30G (Resin Version); 48g (silver metal version)
  • Diameter(Approx.): 11Mm
  • Ink: Only works with bottled ink


  • Brand Name
  • Product Type
    Fountain Pen

Other Information

Country of Origin: China
Manufacturer: Shanghai Hero Gold Pen Factory Lishui Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China
Marketed & Imported By: Indo Future LLP, 36 Manas Nagar, Maholi Road, Mathura, UP- 281001, India
Customer Care: Write to us on care@scooboo.in or call us on 1800-309-9696