Organization at its Best

Organization at its Best

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This kit ensures your utmost organization and efficiency by equipping you with the best quality products that will take care of all your essential needs.

What's Inside the Box ?

Kaco Memory Notebook

The A5 notebook of your dreams. Name the feature and it has it, from bright, durable covers, premium paper, inner compartments to pages in 3 different kinds of design.

Original MRP: 599/-
MRP in the kit: 509.15/-

Buy this separately: 533.11/-

Kaco Pure Gel Pens 0.7mm - Pack of 10

Perfect combination of beauty and quality. The most fashionable and colourful pens that are super safe and smooth as well- will instantly make you fall in love.

Original MRP: 699/-
MRP in the kit: 594.15/-

Buy this separately: 622.11/-

Pure Classic Highlighter - Five color Pack

The highlight of your notes. These are remarkable for their quality as well as colour. The pastel pack is the most unique and soothing set out there. With a fine fiber tip, alcohol based ink and soft coloured pigments, they give an edge to your notes.

Original MRP: 650/-
MRP in the kit: 552.5/-

Buy this separately: 578.5/-

Papercoal Sticky Notes 3*3 Inch -Pack of 3

Remembering, reminding and organising. The unique dotted pages, 50 in number stick to all kinds of surfaces, and add creativity and practicality to your communication.

Original MRP: 210/-
MRP in the kit: 178.5/-

Buy this separately: 186.9/-

Lemo Stapler with Storage

Your perfect partner in turning eco friendly. Has everything you could need in a stapler: convenient, easy to use, portable and compact with a non slip soft pad at the bottom.

Original MRP: 750/-
MRP in the kit: 637.5/-

Buy this separately: 667.5/-

Lemo Scissor + Cutter

A multipurpose set of a scissor and cutter. Japan imported steel three-tier blade scissors which is extremely high quality, comfortable and durable. The cutter is made from detachable, hard steel blades for easy and safe cutting.

Original MRP: 900/-
MRP in the kit: 765/-

Buy this separately: 801/-

Desk Mat by Papercoal

A desk essential. With a rich leather texture, it is reversible with two different tones. Easy cleaning with just a wipe. Also, slim yet durable design.

Original MRP: 1995/-
MRP in the kit: 1695.75/-

Buy this separately: 1775.55/-

Why is this kit essential at the slashed prices? 

The kit offering some of the best quality stationery products at these prices is an amazing deal and will help you organize your entire desk and work schedule in the most remarkable way.

Kit's MRP: 5803/-
Republic Day Price: 4932.55/-

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