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Pebeo Huile XL Oil Colors

Color: 12 SHADES
Rs. 885.00
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Care Information

1. Use clean water for diluting your paints and cleaning your brushes. Dirty water can introduce unwanted colors and impurities into your painting.
2. Try to keep your watercolor paints free from contamination by not mixing them with other types of paints or using dirty brushes.
3. Use a palette to mix your watercolor paints rather than directly from the tubes or pans.

Barcode: 3167866686001



  • Quick drying, versatile oil colours created specifically to meet the requirements of contemporary artists; Ideal for professional artists, mixed media artists, hobby artists, students of art & high volume users; Finely Ground, Intensely Pigmented & Permanent; Ideal for application on canvas, cardboard, paper and wood, suitable for producing large pictorial spaces as well
  • The range consists of a diverse palette of inter-mixable colours and effects, such as traditional colours, light or pastel colours, bright modern colours and the ready-to-use unique transparent glazing colours & iridescent Dyna colours, all colours are compatible with each other; XL Oils have very good lightfastness; Great value for money in comparison to Extra Fine Oil Paints
  • XL Oils have a smooth, supple consistency; they are suitable for all techniques from glazing to layering thick coats; Can be used in conjunction with mediums & auxiliaries for more effects; Paints can be diluted with solvents or oils; Clean brushes & tools after use with turpentine or mineral spirit

Variants - 

  • Set of 12 shades.
  • Set of 24 shades.


  • Brand: Pebeo
  • Product type:  Oil Colour
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Use: Artists and students for their project works


  • Brand Name
  • Product Type
    Water Colors

Other Information

Country of Origin: MADE IN MARSEILLE
Marketed & Imported By:
Customer Care: Write to us on care@scooboo.in or call us on 1800-309-9696

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good for beginners

So, I have been using these colors for quite some time and I must say these are good for beginners. Plus in this range they perform well.

Sagaraika singh
great product

I Bought it for myself, I am a University student i am fed up with wasting my time on the internet so i thought i need to do something creative so bought it, its good

five stars