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Sailor  |  SKU: 25-5400-000

Sailor Shikiori Twin Brush Pens Four Seasons

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Care Information

1. Practice proper brush pen technique to prolong the life of your pens.
2. Choose smooth, high-quality paper designed for use with brush pens. Rough or textured paper can cause the brush tip to fray more quickly.
3. Always remember to cap your brush pen when you're not using it. This prevents the brush tip from drying out and becoming frayed.

Barcode: 4901680452447


  • Sailor has created brush pens that mimic the colours of their fountain pen inks
  • Double-sided, with a brush pen at one end and a fine nib at the other.
  • The brushes are softer than most marker pens & resemble with real ink brushe
  • The inks blend well and can be used for ombre writing
  • The Shikiori brush pens are ideal for calligraphy,bullet journaling,art & illustration
  • Winter (Shigure, Yuki-akari, Shimoyo, Irori, Tokiwa-matsu) colors
  • Vibrant & unique colors inspired by the beauty of each season in Japan
  • Material Cap, Shaft, Small Cap, Mouth Metal: PP Recycled Resin,Cap Plug: PC Resin PP recycled resin: cover, shaft, small cover, mouth gold


  • Brand Name
  • Product Type
    Brush Pens

Other Information

Country of Origin: Japan
Manufacturer: 10F, Toranomon Towers Office, 4-1-28, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan "
Marketed & Imported By: Indo Future LLP, 36 Manas Nagar, Maholi Road, Mathura, UP- 281001
Customer Care: Write to us on care@scooboo.in or call us on 1800-309-9696

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