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Speedball  |  SKU: 3063

Speedball Calligraphy Collector Set

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Care Information

1. Make sure to use ink specifically designed for calligraphy pens. Avoid using thick or pigmented inks that can clog the pen or damage the nib.
2. After every use, thoroughly clean the pen nib and reservoir with water or an appropriate cleaning solution to remove any ink residue.
3. Be gentle when handling your calligraphy pens, especially when removing or replacing the nib.

Barcode: 651032030635



  • A celebration of Speedball's proud tradition of fine pen-making, the Speedball Calligraphy Collector Set is an ideal addition to any lettering artist collection. Featuring an array of our most popular pen holders, nibs and pigmented acrylic inks. 
  • This set can be used for Modern Calligraphy.
  • Speedball has been a trusted name in handcrafted nibs and pens for the calligrapher, letterer, and drawing artist for over 100 years. 
  • We provide you with a double metal wire binding, which helps us to counter many problems we face like a page getting rip-up from the binding.
  • It gives us hassle-free pages to turn, helps us to keep our pages wrinkled free.
  • These liquid watercolor paints can be dissolved once applied and dilute easily for flowing color. These watercolor washes to create unique colors and blends


The Speedball Calligraphy Collector Set is housed in a premium wooden box and features : (1) Speedbal Oblique Pen Holder, (2)Speeball crowquill pen holder, 

(1)Black & Gold Classic Pen Holder, (4)Broad Edge Nibs ( A-5, B-6, C-2, C-3), (4)Pointed Pen Nibs (#101, #102, #512, #513), (3) 12ml jars of super pigmented acrylic inks (black, red, blue), (1)12 ml of pen cleanser, Iso features the favorite resource of all lettering artists. The Speedball Textbook.


  •  Brand Name :  Speedball
  •  Type: Calligraphy Set
  •  Use : Office, School and Home
  • Model No: SKU: 3063


  • Brand Name
  • Product Type
    Calligraphy Pens

Other Information

Country of Origin: MADE IN EGYPT
Marketed & Imported By:
Customer Care: Write to us on or call us on 1800-309-9696

Customer Reviews

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Speedball is best

Good Nibs!

nikita Jhamb
amazing quality

The product is what is offered, I arrive in time and form, in perfect condition
those who start practicing calligraphy