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Stabilo  |  SKU: EO568/10-21-20

Stabilo Arty Pen 68 Cardboard Case Of 10 Pcs

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Care Information

1. Treat your Fineliners with the gentleness they deserve. Avoid dropping or applying excessive pressure, as they prefer a delicate touch.
2. Pair your Fineliners with high-quality paper. Smooth, non-absorbent paper minimizes ink bleeding and feathering, preserving the crispness of your lines.
3. Store your Fineliners horizontally to prevent ink from pooling at one end, ensuring uniform flow and consistent performance.


  • The premium felt tip pen for strong lines and large areas in up to 47 bright colours.
  • The STABILO Pen 68 is well known for its even ink application.
  • Its robust medium tip has a line width of 1 mm.
  • You can leave the cap off for 24 hours and the pen won't dry out.
  • The premium fibre pen with water-based and washable ink.
  • STABILO Pen 68 Brush ARTY Felt Pen Cardboard Case, 10 pcs. By changing the pressure on the nib, you can use the nib to create thick or thin lines.
  • The ink is water based.
  • Thanks to this water base you can create impressive and magical water effects with a brush and some water.
  • The pens last up to 24 hours without a cap.


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Other Information

Country of Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Schwan-Stabilo Postfach 1, 90560 Heroldsberg, Germany
Marketed & Imported By: Tejura Overseas Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., A-303, 3rd Floor, A Wing, Antophill Warehousing Complex, Wadala(E), Mumbai- 400037, Maharashtra, India
Customer Care: Write to us on care@scooboo.in or call us on 1800-309-9696