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Staedtler Triplus Blackbox

Rs. 975.00

Staedtler box containing 2 triplus fineliner black and blue: 3mm metal-clad felt-tip and Dry Safe feature ensure durability. 6 1/4 inch long. 1 piece of Triplus roller rollerball pen with Black ink with dry Safe: can be left uncapped for days without drying up and provides a pleasantly smooth writing experience. 1 piece of Triplus textsurfer: this fluorescent yellow highlighter has lightfast pigment ink that resists fading and is suitable for paper, fax and even inkjet copies. Soft, variable tip for very fine to broad highlighting. 1 piece of Triplus ballpoint pen with Black ink: medium tip and rubberized barrel provide smooth writing and a secure grip. 6 1/4 inch long. 1 piece triplus micro 0.5 The black box: a touch of mystique and urban beats combined with the most frequently used writing instruments.