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10 Must-Haves For Your Office Desk

The First 18-22 years of our lives are a preparatory period for us to make a living in this world in one way or the other. But do these years actually prepare us for a work-life? 

Amid all the important and beautiful places we visit in our lives, two places become a constant, HOME, and OFFICE. 

Our home is our comfort place. But, it is equally important to feel the same about our workplace. What would make it more welcoming, you ask? One way, we say is to make your tiny space more personal, comfortable, and also productive.

Here’s a list of 10 things we believe you must have for your office desk:

  • Stationery: A notebook and a pen are going to be the most important things on your work desk. Writing things down be it your tasks, plan, or important work-related details will always give you better clarity. Also, they come in handy in meetings.

  • Desk Organizer: An organized work desk always boosts mood and productivity. Make sure your desk is not cluttered. Having a desk organizer and pen stand will keep your things protected and in place. A clean desk leads you to a chaos-less workday.

  • Desk Calendar: Digital world is ruling at the moment but it has also become a distraction. We depend upon our phones for even the smallest of tasks. Having a desk calendar will prevent you from wasting time on your phone and also be helpful in terms of remembering important meeting dates or deadlines.

  • Laptop Stand: You are likely to spend most of your office hours seated in front of your desk. It gives rise to a lot of health issues like Cervical pains, backaches, etc. Thus, maintaining a good posture becomes very important. A laptop stand comes into use when the table height is not appropriate for you. It will help you keep a good posture throughout the day.

  • Ear-Plugs: Creativity is something that often requires soul-searching or well, just some alone time of thinking and perception. It is hard to achieve that in an office filled with co-workers. Noise-canceling earplugs can become your best friend at work. They’ll be there for you whenever you need some time to relax and ponder.

  • Stress Ball: As fun as earning a living seems, it is also a stressful thing. There are a hundred things you face in your adult life, work or non-work related. Staying focused at work and being productive is harder than it looks. A stress ball is a small ball that you can squeeze. It helps in reducing stress and staying focused at the same time.

  • A Weekly Pad: Have a weekly pad and make use of it by listing your To-Dos, quotes, ideas, etc. Make it the visual representation of your brain. Having a weekly plan is something we highly recommend. 

  • Photos: As much as anyone says that you should keep your personal and professional life separate, it is practically impossible to do so. What we can instead do is, embrace both and make the best out of it, for both. Having happy pictures or photos of your loved ones can instantly improve your mood and make you feel better, blessed, and motivated to work harder. 

  • Water Bottle and Snacks: Do not ever forget to carry a water bottle to work. It does not make you look childish. It makes you look responsible. Water keeps you hydrated, prevents headaches and other medical issues. Some water and snacks can energize you for the tasks at hand. You'll be less likely to feel exhauster and what’s that new slag? “Hangry”

  • A Small Indoor Plant: The color green has a calming effect on us and flowers make us feel happy. Having a small indoor plant, say a succulent, jade, or Syngonium will also make your work desk look more personal, comforting, and inviting. Also, it is never bad to add some color to your life and your workplace. 

  • There you go. These are our picks of the 10 things we feel you ought to have on your office desk. If there’s something you want to add, feel free to tell us in the comments.

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