Best Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

No matter how old you grow, the “first day” at a new place is always going to be a scary and exciting feel. We all have been there, and it is a golden opportunity if you are at the other end of the line i.e. the one waiting for a new employee to join the workplace.

It is your chance to make someone feel welcomed and a part of the team, the family. A welcoming party is not what we are suggesting here. You can not always go ahead and organize a party amid a working day. 

We have come up with a list of 10 Welcome Kit ideas for you to make the perfect first impression of your team and the work environment. 

  • You Are The Brand Kit - Welcoming a new employee to the office and making them feel like a cardinal part of the company is important for so many reasons. Throwing in some corporate essentials like t-shirts, pens, notebooks, company mugs, etc. will tell them the same. An employee should own personalized company freebies. 

  • ‘Get To Know Me’ Kit - The nervousness of the first day at work is even more absolute during lunch hours when the new member is trying to fit in. A diary or a handbook filled with fun facts about employees, their achievements, memorable moments at the office is a great way to introduce the employee to the team in more depth. It will also give a view of the work environment.

  • Tech Kit - Giving a tech-comfort kit to your employee will prepare them for their workdays. With almost everything depending upon the technology, being Tech–smart is necessary. Make sure they settle in with portable chargers, earbuds, laptop stand, microfiber cloth, etc. All these will lead to a hassle-free, productive day for them.

  • Office Essentials - No working desk looks complete without office essentials. Give your new employee a welcoming stationery kit with notebooks, pens, an organizer, a pen stand, etc. for a clutter-free office desk.

  • Thrive and Bloom Kit - A small indoor plant is a beautiful welcome gift that says ‘we wish to see you thrive and bloom in this nurturing new environment’.

  • The Note-Worthy Kit - For the writing addict in your employee, create this Note-worthy kit with all the essentials they’ll need to scribble things down. The notes taking habit is something you should encourage in your employees.

  • The Mindfulness Kit - It is not just the physical health that matters, but also the mental health. Giving your employee a kit dedicated to mental health will make them feel cared for and calm. Add on some Planners, books, a gratitude journal & cards, a stress ball, some chocolates, a meditation music tape, essential oils, fragranced candles, etc. in the kit. A healthy employee will bring a healthy attitude to work.

  • Snack-A-Little Kit - They say that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Make sure you utilize this information to your best knowledge. Give your new employee a snack kit to munch on. This will energize them during work hours and make it a productive day.

  • WFH Kit - Keeping the current scenario in mind, it is important to be prepared for everything. A ‘Work from Home’ kit says that we care about you and your health. This kit gives the opportunity to not miss important meetings and work despite being sick or enjoying a solo trip to the beach house. This makes them feel that they can depend on you for certain situations and you’ll always be prepared for it.

  • Gift Cards & Coupons - Every time you are ever unsure about giving someone a gift, give them a gift card. It works wonders as an employee welcoming gift. They’ll love the chance to visit a new restaurant, shopping center, spa or just get them a gym gift card.

These are our top pics for your employees. Tell us what you would pick up for them? Or what you would like to receive as an employee?

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