Personalized Gifting Options Under Rs49/-

Personalization is an attribute that adds profoundness to anything. It has the same effect on gifts. It’s not a secret that all growing and successful businesses have embraced Personalized gifts as a key factor in their overall growth. Yet, it is not as elementary to every new or existing business in the market.

It then becomes our responsibility to share our knowledge and spread awareness about it. It allows businesses to build and grow. 

Personalizing gifts may seem like a tedious and expensive task. We are here to convince you otherwise. Gifts do not have to be massive and expensive. Something as simple as a pen can be significant to your business. 

We have one such option available for you. Yup, we are talking about the Kaco Pure Pen! 


Kaco Pure is an ABS ink gel refill pen with an aesthetic and simple design. Kaco believes in giving the best quality and efficient style to a simple design.

The pens have a matte finish and a soft, non-slip body.

Kaco Pure Gel Pens are available in Blue/Black Ink. The body colors available for these are Black, Blue, White, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, Orange, Sky blue, and Purple. These pens have Japanese Mikuni Pigment ink which gives a stable and even look to the ink flow.

Why get the Kaco Pure?

  1. Kaco Pure has a simple and efficient design.
  2. The pen is soft to touch and lightweight with a matte finish. Hence, it is very comfortable to use.
  3. It has a pen nib of 0.5 mm which gives a very smooth and beautiful look to the writing.
  4. The customization price is low and hence affordable to almost every business.
  5. Kaco Pure can be personalized via 3 printing areas on the body.
  6. Everyone loves stationery. Yup, even if they deny it.
  7. Pens are something everyone needs and has use of. So, it is a practical gift. They’ll think about your brand every time they write.

We presented to you an option for a personalized gift with reasons on why you should get it. Personalized pens, we believe are a must-have for a business.

And these pens costs less than Rs49 (MOQ-100 pieces) with customization.

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