Personalized gifting options under Rs.100

Since childhood, pens have been an integral part of our lives, and they will continue to be so. There's no way around it.

Pens are an obvious choice for a gift. Businesses have practiced personalizing presents for a variety of purposes, including improved client relations, brand awareness and promotion, staff appreciation, and so on. Diaries, notepads, calendars, pens, and other items are among the most popular items for personalizing. Personalization may not be your cup of tea, but if I told you it could be readily affordable and have a significant impact on others, would you not try it?

Here are three gifting choices under Rs.100 that you can personalize:

Surface Soft Touch- Black Ink: The Surface Soft Touch is a smart-looking pen with a Japanese Mikuni ink refill that comes in two colors: black and white. The pen has a very comfortable grip and a soft and smooth matte finish. It uses pigment ink, which means it will stick to the page even if a small amount of water is splashed on it. For business and office writing, a pen is a popular tool.

Alpha Gel Pen: Who doesn't want to own anything with their initials on it? Alpha Gel Pen comes in a variety of colors and includes the alphabets A to Z, digits 0 to 9, and a small heart shape. Each hue represents a letter of the alphabet or a number. It includes black gel ink and a 0.5mm extra-fine point. These pens have the power to make your office and workstations look more colorful and fun. These things, in our opinion, only add to the office's value. The pens have a smooth touch and are comfortable to hold. You simply cannot refuse them.

Turbo Gel Pen: Available in 16 hues, including Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Coffee, Brown, Sky blue, Lake blue, Turquoise, Grass green, Apricot Orange, Orange, Red wine, Milk pink, Rose pink, and Pink, the Turbo Gel Pen has a smart-transparent body with an anti-slip grip. The refill is protected by the push and retractable mechanism of the pens. The gel ink produces smooth writing and dries quickly. The pen's nib is 0.5mm, and the tip features a Dura ball pen head for added stability when writing.

Scooboo offers these three options for personalization for less than Rs.100. We offer UV printing, laser printing, engraving, embossing, and other types of customizing. You may personalize gifts for your employees, clients, and partners for less than Rs.100.

You can reach out to us at for further details on personalized gifts.

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