Add the Christmas Colors to your stationery wardrobe

"Bless all the dear children in thy tender care, And take us to heaven, to live with Thee there." Don't you already feel the spirit of Christmas? With all the winter clothing, the Christmas tree, the baking of cakes, etc., I guess I can tell you're getting ready. But are you prepared to give your buddies a present? It's time to get ready for Christmas just as you did for Diwali.

The obvious color scheme is red and green because Christmas is all about those hues, and Scooboo is ready for everything. Therefore, we have included a selection of Christmas stationery that you may give to your loved ones. (All are red or green.) 

 List Of Christmas Colors for your stationery wardrobe

1) Alpha Gel Pen

  • You will undoubtedly fall in love with the Kaco pen line's sleek and understated appearance.
  • This pen is for you if you enjoy being creative and like to make your name or a significant word out of pens.
  • A sturdy ABS pen body Simple style with vibrant colors.
  • Can be used and gifted to students and office employees.
  • `This pen possesses bearing your initials: - Available in Numbers and the Alphabet (A-Z) (0 - 9).

2) Kaco Love Gel Pen Set

  • Get writing that is smooth and silky.

  • Excellent ink pen that is difficult to fly white with.

  • Pigment black ink that writes smoothly.

  • It is not queasy while near water.

  • Refills are separately sold and are offered in both blue and black ink. (set of 10) .


3) Pen Lover's Edition (Green Color) 

This combo includes: 

  • Shalaku Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm 
  • Solo Pencil Box
  • Serve Broad Tip Fineliner

The combination is completely green and is one of Scooboo's special combinations.

4) Lihit Lab Stand Pen Case (Round Type)

  • Intelligent Fit for Active Action and is a silky substance pen case
  • Simply remove the bottom for transit and storage and holds 15 pens in total.
  • Make any table become your workplace by placing your preferred writing supplies nearby.
  • It is easy to maintain. It repels stains and is washable.
  • Its Rubber is made of silicone.


5) Planfix Folder Notebook with Magnetic Loop

  • It is a High-end, beautiful circular button for locking and comes with the option of changeable scratch pads on top.
  • The scratch pad comes with premium paper and a neutral color tone. quality appearance and finish. competent appearance
  • Our high-end line of daily usage diaries is meticulously made to appear elegant and expensive.
  • Book Binding Method with Easy Opening, Traditional Ornamental Frame with Respect
  • It is available in red and green color too!

The list isn't finished quite yet, as it always is. The official Scooboo website has a lot in store for you. Visit the official website and further discover the world of distinctive stationery. Get 10% off your first order as well. Keep Scooboo-ing!

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