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How to make your customized Scooboo stationery combo!

How to make your customized Scooboo stationery combo! - SCOOBOO

Anmol Grace |

Giving gifts may be challenging since it's hard to know when to stop once you get going. While gifting itself is joyful, picking gifts for your loved ones and friends may be quite difficult. When it comes to giving gifts, you could find yourself wondering what is acceptable. Similarly to that, you could be hesitant to give even one gift. There are just two alternatives left for you to choose from: pre-made gift combos or creating something unique. Additionally, while buying a dress for yourself, you could find yourself browsing for shoes and jewellery that complement the outfit. This can happen with stationery too,  Yes, you're correct. Scooboo allows you to create your combo. Here are the following steps:

1) Check The Official Website: All you have to do is visit the Scooboo official website (https://scooboo.in/), where you will find a variety of stationery categories. 

2) Add the main element of your combo: You can look at the items you want to purchase. If you're a writer, for instance, a diary or a notepad is the primary product. So you may make a combination by browsing the stationery area.

3) Look for Stationery that Relates: If you're a writer, for example, you may include a diary, a pen or pencil, sticky notes, sheets, etc. in your combination. Similar to this, your combination ought to include related stationery. Even you may choose a certain color scheme, for example, you can give red or green stationery as a present combo because it's around Christmas.

Scooboo also offers its combos. There is a choice of various, high-quality items. This may help you if you need to buy a present for a friend, family member, coworker, or someone from your school or college.

List of Scooboo Special Combos

1) Pouching Your Essentials

2) Secret Friend Combo

3) Making your Desk Complete!

4) Creativity is Must

5) Proactiveness Is Key

The list hasn't been refined yet, as usual. Scooboo has a big and reasonable selection. Free delivery and Cash -on delivery up to Rs.300 and 10% off your first buy are additional benefits that you could enjoy.

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