How You can manage Your day with Scooboo Stationery

If you love to function your complete day, it's somewhere challenging. The stationery and champions of productivity have a link, This example informs us of two things: In addition to being functional and visually beautiful, write-to-do lists are the quickest method to increase output and efficiency. Additionally, creating and keeping a timetable is entertaining and addicting!

You should invest in smart stationery if you're seeking a means to operate more efficiently and develop your task management abilities. So, below is a list of stationery supplies that may be useful to you in creating a successful routine.


You may more precisely predict how much time you need a lot for certain chores by keeping track of your routine over a day. The best thing to include is a to-do list. You may organize your day each morning while sipping a hot cup of coffee and adding items to your to-do list.


  • You could write down all the things you've been meaning to accomplish but keep forgetting on these to-do pads.
  • Dimensions: 3.8" x 8" 500 GSM 60 leaves torn from the Kraft backing paper
  • 100 GSM-certified uncoated paper
  • Tear-off binding pad

Numic To-Do List

  • Our mood-themed planners make it pleasant to organize yourself and maintain a good work-life balance.
  •  It's time to get back to the fundamentals. Since you enter the dates manually, you may use them at any time of the year.
  • There includes room for daily and weekly planning, to-do lists, timetables, grocery lists, and setting and reviewing objectives.


Papboo To Do List Notepad

  • The daily planner is the ideal choice for you thanks to its lovely designs. You'll enjoy a vibrant, energizing blast of modern color while you finish the day's tasks.
  • The characteristics that matter for rollerball, ballpoint, and pencil are 8 x 4 inches, 80 printed pages, ruled, metal wire, and a 300 GSM matte laminated cover.
  • The long list design easily fits into a pocket or wallet.


Pens are needed for writing down the most crucial thoughts. If your pens are of higher quality and more appealing, they may be quite beneficial for you. Pens are an efficient method to write down your list.

Rocket Gel Pen Set

  • It is a matte, non-slip pen barrel that writes for a long time;
  • High-quality ink and tip; comfortable pen stroke; refill replacement is simple thanks to the fixed push-button mechanism.
  • Black ink for the Rocket Marine Pen


Kaco Pure Macaron Gel Pens - Set of 5 - Assorted colours

  • Stable and even ink feeds out.
  • It is much more fluid
  • The color of the pen's body corresponds to its ink.

Kaco Midot gel Pen 0.5Mm Black Ink

  • One of the more contemporary and posh pen lines, both in terms of color and style, is the Kaco green pen line.

  • Since the pen case is constructed of ABS plastic, gripping the pen feels incredibly smooth.

  • Pen core: Both the nib and the gel in the pen are imported from Switzerland, giving the writing a very smooth, beautiful handwriting feel.

  • Quick drying and non-smudging ink

  • Replace the pen tip with traditional Kaco nibs to recharge it.

Not quite yet, though. A To-Do list and a pen make it simple to manage your day and organize your agenda. Additionally, Scooboo offers 10% off your first order and accepts cash on delivery for orders above Rs. 300.

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