Best Stationery Gifts from Scooboo To Gift Your Stationery Addict Sisters On Rakhi

The season of festivals has already begun, and the countdown for Raksha Bandhan is here! This means sisters are all geared up to tie rakhis and stuff ladoos in your mouth, a happy week for siblings indeed! But, that also means brothers need to level up their gifting game a little higher this time. It can be easy to get stumped upon what seems like one more thing to buy. But if you don't want to waste money on something she already has and won't use, you need to narrow down your list and do some research before buying something she will be happy with. If you're trying to find the perfect gift for your sister on this auspicious occasion, then you don't need to go beyond stationery. Isn't it creative and awesome? What better gift could you give a sister than a meaningful one?


There are many things that can be given to your sister as a Rakhsha Bandhan gift, but what is the best gift for a sister? Well, this list can help you:-




You might give your sister a lovely planner this Rakhi. So, she can use it to schedule her workplace or weekly school schedule. This is the ideal gift for all the devoted sisters who love to plan ahead of their time which also has the advantage of helping to keep track of all activities.



You should definitely consider including a journal on your list of presents. Adding it to your sister's study table has an ethical air. It is advisable to use a journal as a bullet journal when someone is writing down their goals. It will also help her to express herself in a safe space. Buying a journal would be a way of ensuring that you care for her!

Numerous journals are available on ScooBoo, including personal organizers, monthly planners, and daily planners.




What better thing to give your little sisters than colours that haven’t just coloured your life but also the walls of your room? It’s the best way to help this little Picasso display her artistic abilities in the finest possible way. The combination of sketch pens, paints, and wax colours is the ideal one here. That’s the best gift that will help her create amazing things.

You may get a selection of art kits at Scooboo with various combinations.




 Here's a great way to make sure she knows just how special she is: The Fabric Markers are super stylish and you can use them on anything from yarn to fabric. Use the ink-filled markers to create tie-dye patterns like those made famous during hippie days. Or go over with a black permanent marker for a fresh take on classic patterns. These handy markers will have your sister feeling great about herself, even if the whole world doesn't agree! Use fabric markers to colour in specific designs or create a tie-dyed pattern instead of applying dye to prevent the mess and laborious process.




The obsession with pastels is referred to as the new black. It creates a straightforward yet distinctive appearance. The same is true for stationery, which transitions from vibrant to pastel. Giving someone a set of pastel stationery will be appreciated. The colourful highlighter, sticky notes, pens, and pencil colours all will be included in the kit. A perfect addition to strengthen your sister’s art strokes!




Organisers for working or studying are always necessary to create a stylish and functional desk. This desk organizer will be a wise choice. Your sisters will be able to organize her paperwork, craft supplies, pens, pencils, and other items in one convenient location with the help of the desk organizer. 




 Drawing books are the best friends of artists, who turn a blank page into an awesome artwork. To colour this ordinary day beautifully with its own unique style, give your sister a colouring book as a Rakhi gift. Drawing books are the finest combination between the art and the artist. Give your sister a colouring book to make her brushes run smoothly and forever!



It's a tough week for brothers, too. They need to get their sisters what they want. Just like the kids don't understand how the wheels of the online shopping cart work, it's hard for us to find what we're looking for amidst the chaos.
So among all the banners and listings, this list of some awesome presents will leave your pretty sisters screaming in delight.

Oh, and if you are tensed about not spending this Raksha Bandhan in your hometown, we have to go back there too!
In order to avoid making your sister angry. This Rakhi, Scooboo provides the ideal option for you to give your sister her favourite treats. It offers free shipping and a 10% discount on your first order. Because Raksha Bandhan is all about love!
Not to mention, in addition to the list, you can search for an epitome of a diverse range of super cool and fancy products on the ScooBoo website.


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