Even in today's technologically advanced environment, taking paper notes is still the best strategy for achieving educational or academic success. Students should invest adequate time in researching their educational information, class lectures, and other study-related discussions to make proper notes. Detailed and to-the-point written notes can help prepare for your exams systematically and is also an excellent element for your last-minute revision before exams. Many students struggle a lot to make proper notes. If you are one of them, this article is for you! This article will provide some of the best note-taking strategies so that you can study efficiently and effectively.



Note-taking is not as difficult as it seems. There are various strategies you can opt for in order to make proper notes, but the ones mentioned below methods are the most significant: 

  • Make points: Study the topic carefully and make bullet points in order to make your brain catch those easily. It has been proved scientifically that human brains are more capable of remembering points rather than big stuffed paragraphs.
  • Don't mess up: Try to make notes for separate subjects in separate notebooks. Having the notes of all topics in one notebook will prevent you from studying effectively before exams.
  • Compare: It is always preferable to compare your notes with others. No matter how you make your notes, sometimes you can miss out on a point or a piece of important information. You will not miss out on any essential element if you compare your notes with other classmates.
  • Use more abbreviations: It can be challenging to write at the same pace as the instructor when you're listening to a lecture. Using acronyms in lessons is a good idea to help students remember the material.

Note-taking strategies are not enough to make efficient notes. Making notes is an art that includes the usage of stationaries. But thousands of products are available in the market, but which ones are the best? Here's the list of products or stationaries you need the most.



Along with the note-taking strategies, you need proper stationery supplies. Right stationery supplies include notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, and sticky notes. Here is the list of best-selling products under these categories. You can quickly get all these products at Scooboo



The most important element for note-making is a notebook. The two best sellers in this category are 

Single Ruled Diary A5 by the brand XI Eleven and Kaco Daily Planner A5. Both the products come with waterproof pages and are well combined. 



Now another element is the writing instrument. You should use products that are smooth enough in order to catch the speed of your class lesson. When it comes to smooth writing, there are three best pens available in the market: 



Along with that, you need the proper kind of pencils for diagrams, but there are thousands of products available, which one to choose? Check out the best sellers for your reference:  

The two pencils mentioned above will give your diagrams a realistic effect, making you understand the concept more effectively. 



You can refer to the below-mentioned erasers for your help. 


One more essential element is a highlighter. Highlighter enables you to highlight the most important information like historical dates and many more. Below mentioned products are considered the most effective ones. 

Both these products are available in various colours you can choose your preferred one. 



Sticky notes are the best handy notebooks you can use to record minimal yet essential information. Check out these two. For sure you will love them.



Most students hate studying simply because they lack the skills to do so engagingly and efficiently. One of the most efficient study methods that won't bore you is taking notes. You can choose the tactics outlined in this post and some fun stationery to study more and get the most outstanding grades. Are you unsure about where to purchase stationery? Scooboo will do the trick. Your best option for finding a variety of stationery items from various companies is Scooboo. Enjoy your studies and succeed with Scooboo, the most popular stationery retailer in the world!




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