Make Your Kid's Birthday Party Memorable With These Return Gift Ideas

When your child has a birthday party, you want to make sure that you keep things going smoothly. You as a parent might be worried about the cost of throwing a great party. Not to mention the stress that we experience while choosing return gifts. But that does not mean that it has to be expensive as well.

Instead of breaking the bank and spending extravagantly on making sure that your child’s friends get expensive and lavish return gifts, why not give them unique return gifts that don't burn a hole in your pocket?

This way, you could save some money while still being able to provide something useful and memorable at the same time. So if you’re looking for the perfect return gift for your child's birthday party, look no further! Here are some great options that will make your child's friends happy and keep your wallet happy too. 

But with so many options available, what should you choose? Don’t worry. 

We've put together a selection of some of our favourite items from SCOOBOO’s store that are sure to please you and that will make any kid's birthday party memorable:-

  1. Maped sharpeners

    Helping you keep your colored pencils sharp and ready for use with these Maped Sharpeners. Best of all, the built-in canister keeps your desk clean and clutter-free. So with this the kids will be able to bid a farewell to dull pencils! We've got a colorful solution to your old pencil woes. Our sharpeners are specifically designed to handle colored pencils with ease. Plus, our fun and funky designs add a little personality to your desk. Keep your pencils looking sharp (literally) with our colour pep-2 hole design sharpener, shaker-1 hole design sharpener and signal ok- 1 hole design sharpener. With each one boasting unique features, these are sure to make your kid’s friends happy!

  2. Pen cases

    These pen cases are sure to brighten up your kid’s study desk or school bag! These pen cases are just too cute! Who wouldn't love a pen case that doubles as a cute animal face? With a bright and colourful design, these cases will add some fun to your desk or school bag. And the best part is that they turn into a pen stand when you need them! Choose from designs like pandas, elephants and monkeys, or go for a fun mix of all three.

  3. Backpacks

     Your little one’s friends will love carrying their stuff around in this fun and functional backpack. They're made of environmentally durable neoprene, are soft, and can be easily washed and air dried if they get dirty or smelly. They're also equipped with dual adjustable comfy straps, making them perfect for school, hiking, or travel. And best of all, they're cute, cool animal toddler backpacks that every little kid will love.

  4. Set of sharpener and eraser

    Keep your pencils sharp and your eraser clean with this innovative combo product that offers two features in one, making it a perfect addition to any desk. The dust- and trace-free eraser ensures a clean slate with every use, while the durable sharpener blade provides long-lasting sharpness. Plus, each colour comes with a different face feature, making it fun to use. Whether your little munchkin is at home or at school it will keep their study spaces spike and span. Now who wouldn’t love such a thoughtful return gift?

  5. Finger Paints

    Let your toddler colour and draw to their heart's content with this soft and gentle finger paints set. With 4 colours of paint in pots, a multipurpose box containing 6 stencils, a sponge, sponge roller, jumbo brush, and plastic mat, this set has everything your little artist needs to get started on his/her next masterpiece. The dust- and trace-free eraser ensures a clean work surface, while the durable sharpener blade ensures long-lasting use. This product is the perfect way to introduce your children to the magical world of painting. It won’t just serve the utility of a return gift but can also be a way for the kids to have hours of creative fun at the party. In addition, your children will love the bright colours and cute faces on these pots of paint.

  6. Maped Graphite Pencils

    Now, this might sound a bit of a boring return gift, right? But these pencils are extraordinary. The perfect pencil for teens! Writing and drawing is about to get a lot more comfortable and fun with our HB graphite pencils. With a better grip, these soft lead pencils glide across paper with ease- giving you that dark, rich lead that you love. This will let the children add some style to their notes with our colorful designs, or keep it classic with a sleek black barrel. These are easier and more comfortable to use that won't slip even when your hands are sweaty. The soft, dark lead is perfect for those who want to produce clean lines and achieve the highest possible contrast. Ultimately the kids will always remember you if they get good grades, now that no longer feels boring right!

  7. Primo Wax Crayons

    Looking to gift the most artistic supply to your little Picasso? These crayons are the professional artist's choice! These triangular wax crayons are extremely resistant and come in a sturdy PP box. With 12 colours including gold and silver, they're perfect for creating intense and vibrant works of art. Thanks to their shape, you can create unique and impressive applications with these crayons. Whether your kid is an experienced artist or just getting started, this is a must-have tool for any creative mind.

  8. Maped colour peps baby crayon

    The most magnificent first crayon for your little one! The is safe and easy to grip, with a fun design that your child is sure to love. Made from a single plastic part, this rounded crayon is designed for small hands. With 4 different colours to choose from, your baby can start creating their first masterpieces. These are not just any crayons, but baby's first crayons! Made from safe imitation chalk, these crayons are easy for little fingers to grip. The fun designs on each crayon will keep your child entertained for hours on end. Help your child explore the world of colours with our exciting and fun-filled baby crayons!

  9. Dual Sharpener Soccer Star

    This soccer-themed sharpener is perfect for the young athletes in your party. This comes with a single hole and a double container, perfect for those larger pencils. The stylish design is perfect for any desk, and the sharpener is guaranteed to capture every child's attention. This is the perfect gift for your soccer-loving friends! This stylish and fun sharpener is a must-have for any pencil lover. 

  10. Kaco Pure Assorted Colour Gel Pens

     No kid can resist pens in a rainbow of colours! This set comes with a variety of colours, perfect for any writing mood. It writes in beautiful colour and provides an unmatched writing experience. Whether your imaginative kids are taking notes, working on a school project, or just doodling, these pens will provide them with a high-quality and an enjoyable writing experience. The unique design also makes them perfect for any fashion-savvy individual who wants to add a pop of colour to their daily routine.

  11. Kaco Pure Macaron Gel Pens

    With an assortment of fun and vibrant colours, these gel pens are perfect for those little Shakespeare's! The unique body colour-ink combination makes each pen stand out. Whether your kids are taking notes in class or writing or journaling their day out, these pens will make every word look beautiful. So treat your little writers a little something special with this set!



When it comes to return gifts for kids, it's all about getting creative! So take a look and choose the perfect return gifts for your little ones to make their birthdays special than ever!




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