In this era, handwriting is becoming an obsolete exercise. Advanced technologies like smartphones and computers have permeated our daily lives and have replaced some of the most traditional activities such as handwriting. Taking notes and keeping a personal diary has become outdated due to the use of technology that saves time, frees up more space, and makes the whole process faster than traditional methods. But can one deny that while engaging in activities like journaling thoughts, chronicling the day, attempting poetry, or starting a novel, old-fashioned pen and paper has an immense impact on emotional well-being?


Writing by hand helps to organize our thoughts and can even elevate our spirit. A study found that college students who took notes on laptops performed lesser than students who took notes on paper in conceptual questions about the subject. This happened because the student taking notes on the laptop are transcribing the lecture. While writing by hand is slow but taking notes with a pen and paper, requires selecting the most important information to include in the notes.


One must respect the benefits of handwriting, which is correctly called a spiritual process. Also, there is an important relationship between writing and building a successful life. Here we list some reasons to explain how important the act of writing by hand is, despite the innovations that have made our lives easier.


Writing by hand helps with memory retention

Everything you write on paper requires 100% focus and attention, and you have to be very motivated to write something. Before the existence of computers,  writing was the most common way to keep our memory in shape. Extensive use of computers and other smart devices does not allow us to use the full power of our consciousness to remember and write down things. Technology allows us to store large amounts of different information that are easily accessible when you need it, but it has reduced our memory retention and concentration capabilities. Writing by hand develops our retention ability, and allows us to create something specific on paper.


Writing by hand is less distracting

Writing by hand eliminates distractions. Many things can put us off track, but this is amplified even more when you are using an electronic device. Instant access to the internet, games, media, and more is available at your fingertips while working on electronic devices. Not only students, but adults as well fall through the temptation to check their email, see Facebook notifications, or turn to Google frequently while writing on a computer. When sitting with nothing more than a pen and paper, the writer can stay focused on the task. Lamy’s SAFARI ROLLERBALL PEN is one such tool to work distraction-less and write for a long duration. The pen has received rave reviews from school and college-going students. 


Writing by hand is slower, making you a more effective writer

Handwriting allows for reflection and seriate progress and helps develop critical thinking. While writing by hand you have to make concise points as your brain is simultaneously comprehending each word, each syllable even the periods. You know exactly what you have written and where it is. It is effective because it is less distracting than typing on phones or laptops which continuously disturbs our focus, in turn affecting our writing. Lamy’s SAFARI FOUNTAIN PEN- MEDIUM NIB provides the absolute ease to work slowly but steadily. From researchers working in academic fields to official staff, this pen is trusted by thousands across India. 


Writing by hand is more personal

Involving your hand in writing makes the activity more holistic and physically engaging, and also develops muscle memory. Placing a pen on paper to form words and sentences has its own physical and multidimensional nature. Handwritten notes to friends and loved ones are so intimate and personal that they cannot be fully communicated by email or text entered. Nothing but handwriting can fully represent the mood and personality of the writer. Lamy’s AL-STAR FOUNTAIN PEN is one of the best pens available for right-handers as well as left-handers. It makes writing not only smear less, but you also won’t have cramped palms for writing for a long duration. 


Writing by hand lets you be more creative

In a world full of noise, automated routines, and boring tasks, it can be difficult to get the opportunity to exercise the right brain, which is the part responsible for creativity, self-expression, and imagination. As human beings, it is crucial if we want to live a happy and balanced life. When you write by hand- even when you write about the dullest-you are engaging your left brain. When the left brain is occupied, your right brain can wake up and fantasize, feel and dream. Whether it’s drawing or doodling, dreaming about the future, planning, or even writing fiction, a pen in hand allows our creative selves to come to life. These small steps towards learning and growing help to bring that creativity into our everyday lives, relationships, and important choices. Lamy’s AL-STAR MEDIUM NIB ROLLER PEN allows one to go creative on the go. Whether you might want to doodle, draw, sketch, or write, this pen allows you to express creativity in all the ways possible.


Writing by hand can relieve stress

Are you one of those non-believers that don't have faith in the therapeutic nature of writing? But it is a proven fact that writing helps persons going through an emotional phase, in are suffering from depression, or anxiety to recover. Whenever a person is feeling sad or stressed, writing one’s thoughts in a diary can be a great remedy to help you overcome fears and bring calmness. And, of course, writing on paper makes it easier to handle the problem, as you will have more connection with the words when you write them down. It is a well-known fact that psychologists advise people suffering from mental trauma or disorder to write down their thoughts, because of the calming effect writing by hand has on an individual.



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