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The technological revolution has dramatically changed. Not only that, but people all across the world have altered their way of life in response to environmental changes. Have you ever considered that a lifestyle change can occasionally annoy someone from the past?

The development of stationery has changed, just like how each industry has evolved. Some of you may be familiar if you are born in the 90s. The revolution has been made. Earlier it was seen when studies were done on a slate now used as a notebook and chalk as a pen or a pencil.

There are many innovative creations in stationery,  from desk organizers to painting supplies, among many other things. So, here is a list of products from the 90s which has come up with the evolution.



Back in the 90s, scissors were formerly seen to be a dangerous piece of equipment. The same has since been continued. What about the crafts, though? Cutting and pasting, creating special cuts just for your project, or cutting photographs to create project files are necessary.
Scooboo has the best and safest solution that may eliminate your concern and make it more convenient to carry without any risk, as opposed to instilling dread in kids.

TWIGGY POCKET SCISSOR FLUORINE COATED are foldable scissors with a safe locking mechanism for security when they are closed. To open or close with one hand, simply glide your thumb along the groove. Because of their small design and secure blade cover, you may carry the scissors in a purse without worrying about them falling out. Fluorine coating prevents them from adhering to tape or adhesive.



The 4-in-1 gel ink pen is a good option if you don't like to bring a lot of pens with you to work or school. It is a product from the 1990s that is still in use. The pen is available in two variations: one with the standard four colours and the other with a rainbow of hues.

The pen comes in handy when taking notes. There is no need to switch pens for any particular heading. The colour changes with a single click. You have come to the best stop shop if you are willing to buy that. These four-in-one pens come in a variety from Scooboo.

EASY 4 IN 1 GEL INK PEN By Kaco/Zebra

With a 4-colour versatile gel pen that has features like vibrant colors and smooth writing. Make you're writing simple and excellent. Press to switch cleanly, shift the core, and write conveniently. The frosted pen grip is longer-lasting and more non-slip. It is a wide pen holder that is portable and practical.



Sip-Sip-Sip, make yourself hydrated. This is what we have heard from a young age. Back in the 90s and now, water is essential. From the day a baby is born, a sipper is mandatory to keep the baby hydrated too.

Sippers attract people to drink, which is a natural human tendency. Additionally, it is fun and lightweight. Scooboo has added up sippers from affordable Gifts of Love.


Pen Case

Keeping your pens in your pocket could be dangerous. What happens if you sit in the exam room without your pens in your pocket? Pen cases proved to be a lifesaver in this situation. It was used in the 90s, and it continues to be a great help now. However, as of recently, pen case design has shown some creativity. Where to shop? The place to buy each product is Scooboo.

These are pen cases with charming animal faces and cute designs. When you press down, a pen stand appears. It is smooth and supple silicone construction and easy to maintain. It can hold up to fifteen pens.

With these charming pen cases, you can spruce up your office, workplace, or school bag.


Glue Tape

Ever ruined your notebook with just a page torn? It hurts right? All the effort was done but glue tape saved us. The most used product from the 90s till now which has a great demand till now. The types of such glue tapes have made some activities easier.

It's a mess-free substitute for glue for light-duty mounting and fastening jobs with superior mounting strength and lifespan. Sticks Are Harder! Stays More Time. It adheres to the majority of clean, dry, and smooth surfaces, such as walls, ceramic tiles, and wood.

It's a mess-free substitute for glue and ideal for craft projects, scrapbooks, albums, and journals. It cleanly joins two substrates without smearing them and is largely undetectable on surfaces.



Although there are changes in every sector, the fundamentals are still followed. With stationery, it's the same. Scooboo provides you with a selection of the products you seek. Additionally, Scooboo gives you the best chance to get free shipping and a 10% discount on your first order.

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