While some works of art are drawn freehand, mandalas require symmetry and accuracy, which results in a perfect drawing with perfect lines that capture the essence of the work of art. They may also include identifiable imagery that has personal significance for the individual producing them.

Mandalas essentially stand for the link between our inner selves and the outside world. Making your mandalas may be energizing and restorative. The mandala range from easy to difficult; every kind of art involves steps. You are in the perfect place if you are just starting. Here are some simple mandala drawing instructions.


Easy Mandala Art

While drawing or making art, you need an echo of your spirit as you make it. When you search inside of yourself and find the forms, colours, and patterns to reflect anything from your current state of mind to your most fervent wish for yourself and it can be a very enlightening personal experience.

Creating your mandala art has benefits. The mandala art price is very high, some may find it out of budget. But when you make up your mind, you can select whatever colours and shapes that you feel best to represent who you are and how you see the world.

It is your mandala, so you are free to utilize your creativity to create something that is uniquely you. If you're feeling worn out, it might not be a good idea to buy a mandala because it can be fairly expensive in India. Therefore, let's not go back because your creation will be a noticeable stop.


Materials/ Steps required for a Mandala art

Material: To learn how to draw a mandala, you don't require many resources if you are a beginner. Paper, a pencil, a ruler, and an eraser are all you need. If you want to make it a little colour you can add colors.  

  • You can draw on any type of Coloured sheet or a plain. 
  • To draw an easy mandala art you have three options. 

1) Draw from the help of videos: To draw a mandala step by step through the virtual session is an option. The videos are free of cost and you can learn them easily.

2) Create your design by setting up a structure: To create your mandala structure. You need the material mentioned above. Also, you need to follow a few steps.

  • Choose a point in the center of the page. Choose a point that is nearly in the page's middle. Mark the center point with a pencil so that you may subsequently erase it; it doesn't have to be exact, but the closer the better.
  • Draw concentric circles around the spot using a compass.  To make a perfect circle, position the end of the string at your center and move the pencil around. Continue using longer pieces of string to create ever-larger circles. [2] The spacing between the circles need not be uniform. Others may be located further apart from some. They merely act as a manual for you in the end.
  • Also, one of the easy ways is If you draw circles by tracing circular objects. Simply sketch around objects if you don't want to use a compass or a string. Start by centering a tiny, round object—such as a jar—at your center. With a pencil, trace all around it. After that, take the jar out, set a bowl on the paper, and trace all around it.
  • Make circles until they cover the majority of the paper, but stop before they get large enough to touch the edges. 
  • Draw lines in the center of your paper using a ruler. Draw two lines evenly spaced apart, two lines crossing across diagonally, and two lines pointing in the directions of the compass. 
  • As a result, eight symmetrical triangles will emerge from the center. These lines will be removed eventually, but for now, they can assist you in aligning your shapes symmetrically around your center point. 
  • You can also omit sketching these lines if you want your mandala to appear more organic and less symmetrical.

These steps are for drawing the mandala's basic round shape. You can look through several mandala arts for inspiration or create your designs.

3) Join a Mandala or art class: Joining a class is the third option to learn mandala art. Some of you may lack the funds to enroll in an art class. 

 It's okay. We have more!

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Enjoy Mandala Art with Scooboo

You can choose from several mandala books at Scooboo. There are some for children and others for adults. Here is a list of supplies that you can use to create a mandala.


By cultivating mindfulness, we become more centered, less stressed, and more aware of the world around us. The ideal tool is offered by Art for Mindfulness, which includes 60 complex blank geometric patterns that, when you add colour to them, can help you concentrate, unleash your creativity, and relax your mind.

This can help you in learning various designs for your mandala. This addition will help you learn various forms of designs. 


The Mandala Coloring Book enables you to unwind, discover peace, and achieve balance in your life as you colour each page with your unique creative vision. This book helps you in learning how to fill colours in your mandala art.

Also, it adds up to learning various designs for your mandala art which you are willing to design.

Scooboo has a variety of stationery available. You can add up different colours for your mandala art along with watercolors, gel pens, rulers, and much other stationery used for making mandala art more beautiful and appealing. 

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