Planning is an essential element in making your life productive yet full of enjoyment. Being in 2022, it is for sure that you have heard about daily planners or notebook planners. You may also know how to use them but may not be fully aware of the values it brings to your life. Planning not only helps you to maintain a systematic and productive life but also allows you to lower your anxiety. Take a look at why you should opt for notebook planners and how they benefit you mentioned below. 


NOTEBOOK PLANNERS- the ultimate thing you need to make your life productive!

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, extracting time for yourself from your busy schedule is actually challenging. Notebook Planners were introduced to the market to make it easier for you. If you want to master the time management skill, gift yourself a notebook planner. Below mentioned are some of the fits of notebook planners you can consider: 

  • Keep up-to-date schedules 
  • Improved Productivity 
  • Lower your anxiety 
  • Stress Management 
  • Know your creative personality 
  • Keeping up with good mental Health

For sure, you are now convinced to get yourself a pleasant and efficient notebook planner. Are you confused about where you should get these? Presenting you Scooboo- India’s most fun stationery supplier! Scooboo has a vast collection of notebook planners manufactured by several popular brands. 

It is pretty obvious to get confused about which one to get from Scooboo’s collection. Here is a list of best-selling notebook planners for your reference. Check the features and choose your favourite.



There are various planners available in the market, but here are the most efficient and effective notebook planners recommended by experts: 

  • The first on the list should be Folio Re-Writable Planner. It is a very convenient, easy-to-use planner. You can hang it in your study room and write your works and important dates to keep yourself organized. It also comes with erase tip pen, using which you can reuse the planner according to your need. 
  • The next one on the list is Happy Blocks Weekly Planner Notepad | 11X8.25 INCH. If you are not a planner addict, you are about to become one with this planner. This planner is designed to help you reflect and take note of your thoughts and appointments to make you grow and establish your plans. 
  • Another best-selling planner is the Fresca Mag Re Weekly Meal Planner, specially designed to track your meals and food intake. Make wellness a priority with this beautifully designed planner with multiple sections to track your nutrition, habits, goals, water intake, feelings, and more! 
  • 2022 Dated Bold Monthly Planner Notepad is perfect for planning daily to-dos and tracking long-term goals: blank columns, new goals, and a renewed sense of optimism. Plot out your half of 2022 on paper! 
  • Last but not least, Flamingo Weekly Planner Notepad is designed to be your ultimate best friend. It will help you to get your life together—the ultimate planner for your to-dos, goals, and spark of inspiration.



Are you struggling to lead a beautiful and productive life? Those, as mentioned above, are some of the most beautifully designed planners you need to lead a constructive life. You can easily get your hands on them at Scooboo. Scooboo is the ultimate fun stationery store you need to make your life full of entertainment. Put your plans on paper with these excellent planners available at Scooboo!

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