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Easy Way To Upgrade Your Lifestyle Using TEAM DEMI

Just like updating your phone once a month or your stationery to reflect current trends, doing so helps you create your lifestyle. That is true, despite the opinions of some. The first thing you display when you enter an office or school is the stationery you are using.

One of the most essential items that are needed is stationary. The use of stationery ensures that work is completed accurately and on schedule. Numerous organizing and storage benefits can be obtained by using folders, files, marker pens, and other related tools. Overall productivity increases, as a result, increasing efficiency and profit margins. 

Similar to how Scooboo's new arrival Team Demi, is the best to bring to work. Here is everything to know about the product

What Is Team Demi?

The storied PLUS product "Team Demi" was the top seller in Japan in the 1980s. A tool kit containing miniature stationery items is the basic concept. The new Team Demi has evolved into a line of stylish, basic stationery that offers a sense of excitement in addition to ease.

The brand-new Team Demi has evolved into an iconic line of stylish, basic stationery that offers more than simply convenience. A flawless remake of a vintage Naoto Fukasawa creation is portable office equipment in a case that has been updated.

The eight tools offer modern, basic functionality and a stunning shape.

The case cradle is tight that it feels like blending into the covering.

Open, remove, use, replace, and shut. The set is expertly constructed down to the sound and comfort to elicit a fresh experience regardless of the action.

As the world around us has become more digital, you won't be able to help but want to hold this set in your hands.

Why Should You Buy Team Demi?

It has a range of iconic tools that exude excitement with a beautiful case that holds 8 essential stationery instruments. It has Magnetic technology that makes each element easy to install and remove. The case design is seamless and elegant thanks to the four magnetic hinges. Each piece of stationery is made to be used comfortably.

It consists of a cutting Knife that has a Blade with a fluorine coating, Scissors with Curved Blades Stapler, and Wrinkle-free glue which is liquid glue. Tape with a tip pop-up feature, a SIM tray ejector which has a SIM tool, and a ruler for cutting. Team Demi is a tiny case that also carries clips and sticky notes.


Thus every tool is magnetic, so they all fit together smoothly. The case is 122x84mm in size and is contained in a tidy white box.

What are Team Demi Product Specifications?

With measurements of W124D85H34 (mm), it is 260g in weight.

Its components include ABS, iron, a magnet, and PE and Acrylic glue containers.

It is displayed in a package that includes a sleeve, a box with a coated ball, a tray made of PVC, an inner bag made of PLASTIC, and accessories. Staplers ( 50x No.10 loaded)



Scooboo consistently provides you with the best variety of stationery, emphasizing quality and usefulness. For your delight, each item has been carefully chosen with these values in mind. Additionally, you can receive 10% off on your first buy with shipping to India.

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