The Ultimate Pastel Stationery Collection You Need!

Stationaries are meant to be cute and aesthetic yet functional. As most of you are probably aware, charming and pastel stationery has become popular in recent years.

In the view of numerous people, the art of handwriting and printed media are becoming less and less significant these days where everything is digitalized, making them feel a little sad.

Most people now enjoy keeping journals and simply writing down their thoughts on paper because it feels more meaningful than typing things up on a computer and has a nostalgic feel of the old days.

So, in this article, you will get to know about several cute, attractive, and practical stationery items. We hope you enjoy it!

Cute yet aesthetic pastel stationery collected at Scooboo! 

Pastel or matte finished colors are among the most preferred ones by most people. Not only because they look extremely cute, but they are considered one of the most sophisticated things to carry when it comes to stationery. 

So for you, here's a list of products you can consider which are very much aesthetic yet functional:


The first on the list should be the super cute yet useful highlighters manufactured by the renowned brand, Kaco. The amazing pastel colors look aesthetic on paper and are made with alcohol-based ink, making it waterproof. The tips of the highlighters are made with fiber and are flexible enough to allow users to draw lines or strokes according to their choice. The amazing aesthetic look and smooth ink flows have made this highlighter one of the highest-rated products on Scooboo's website! 


Fountain pens always hold a special place in everyone's heart as it is one of the oldest forms of writing instruments. Kaco has given the fountain pens a new look by adding pastel colors which people nowadays prefer the most. This pen comes in two pastel colors: pastel green and pastel pink. It comes with a stiff nib, making it suitable for calligraphy and daily use. The amazing pastel-colored body and smooth ink flow have made this pen one of the most favorite of youngsters.


When innovation and erasers shook hands, this amazing product was born. It is one of the unique, innovative, cute-looking products manufactured by the amazing brand Staedler. It comes in four colors: pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel green, and pastel blue. This eraser is PVC-free, phthalate, and latex-free, making it suitable for children. The amazing mechanism involved makes it easier to use, creates fewer crumbles, and provides a comfortable grip. 


Next on the list should be the amazing, super aesthetic pastel-colored masking tips that can be used for various purposes. Manufactured by Life Arts, these masking tapes come in various designs, but the pastel-colored ones are the highest rated on Scooboo's website. The unique feature of these tapes is they are reusable and can be used on various textured surfaces. Some of the most common applications are decorating scrapbooks, making gift cards, etc. These can also be easily cut by hand. A must-add to your pastel stationery collection! 


These are one of the most amazing portable highlighters, which are super cute and aesthetic. These mini highlighters are suitable for your study notes and will make you feel like studying more. The smooth ink flow, amazing vibrant pastel colors, and cute mini-body structure has made this product one of the most desired products among youngsters. Even parents are now opting for these highlighters to make their child study properly. It will be the most wonderful cute little addition to your pastel stationery collection! 


It is one of the most amazing pastel stationery sets available on Scooboo's website. It consists of 6 pastel colored pencils, 2 textsurfer classic, 2 triplus fineliner, 2 triplus pastel colors, and 3 pastel colored sticky notes. Staedler made this product for all pastel lovers in order to satisfy their customer needs and make stationery a fun way to make your study interesting. This set is all you need if you are looking for some elements to add to your pastel stationery collection!

Final Words

Shades of color typically make up pastel colors. The addition of white to a tone is minimal. White increases value while also altering psychological perception. They are usually thought of as clean, feminine, and delicate. That is the reason pastel colors are the most preferred ones nowadays. Scooboo is one of the most amazing stationery suppliers across the world that provides cute and aesthetic stationery elements. Scooboo's amazing pastel-coloured range is worth your investment and will work as the most lovable addition to your pastel stationery collection. Enjoy the world of aesthetics and the beauty of pastel-coloured stationery with Scooboo!

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