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5 Stationery Items You Wish You Had As A Child

5 Stationery Items You Wish You Had As A Child - SCOOBOO

Anmol Grace |

A long time ago, you probably saw the words “designer stationery” and smiled for no reason. Today, things don’t look like that anymore: You see permanent markers, stickers and pens that are used to decorate and create quality stationery. The technology is available for everyone today in your hands to make your day easier or personalize it in some way! Today I'll list five items from our store that are great for moms, kids and adults alike. They are fun to learn about and create with or use as gifts for family and friends during the holidays. Here’s a list of five stationery items from our store you wish you knew as a child:


Get everything you need in one convenient pack. Our PLUS JAPAN Tapes are perfect for creating cards, gift tags, crafts and using in your planner! Simply pull across your paper to apply a patterned tape. This compact applicator is simple to use and precise, making it easy for anyone to create beautiful projects.


Bring the beauty of nature into your workspace with our notebooks, which feature magnificent hues of rainbows in all their glory.  They are environment-friendly sheets: chlorine free/ heavy metal absence/ neutral PH/ pulp from sustainable forests.


Plus Japan Decoration Tapes are super easy to use and create your own beautiful designs in just a few seconds! Simply pull across your paper to apply patterned printed tape. The compact size is perfect for carrying with you anywhere. Make any paper project come to life with Plus Japan Decorations’ exciting range of colourful pattern printed tapes!


KACO 4 in 1 module gel pen, the multifunction four-in-one gel pen, mark as you like; this unique product can be different replacement core according to your needs, and it is a 3+1 multifunctional pen: The pen has four functions, which is the first of its kind in the world. It's a multifunctional 3+1 pen with a mechanical pencil. You can select any mode you like. And it won't hurt your hands, the marks are clear and smooth, with no scratchy feeling. 


Helping you keep your coloured pencils sharp and ready for use with these Maped Sharpeners. Best of all, the built-in canister keeps your desk clean and clutter-free. So with this, the kids will be able to bid farewell to dull pencils! Our sharpeners are specifically designed to handle coloured pencils with ease. Plus, our fun and funky designs add a little personality to your desk. Keep your pencils looking sharp (literally) with our colour pep-2 hole design sharpener, shaker-1 hole design sharpener and signal ok- 1 hole design sharpener. With each one boasting unique features, these are sure to give you a big FOMO for not having them during your childhood.



You can find these in our stationery designs category and order directly from us. From our wide selection of stationery, you can find the best stationery for yourself or for your child.

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