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Anmol Grace |

Journaling is one of the oldest writing practices; most individuals do it for therapeutic purposes. When we were young, we all surely kept secret diaries, and as technology developed, journaling became the standard. There is no one correct method for journaling. It varies from person to person. Both simple yet attractive journaling and colourful journaling are options. Journaling requires a lot of supplies, but one of the most important things you should ever choose is journaling pens.

Even if you have a decent diary, you may not be motivated to write in it. It is where journaling pens come in. Journaling pens can speed up your writing and will inject a feeling of writing more into you. This article will teach you about the top journaling pens on the market. But first, let's discover the advantages of journaling for maintaining healthy mental well-being.


A person needs to maintain good mental health if they want to work more productively. Journaling is one of the most appealing and fascinating methods people choose to support their mental health. Here are a few ways that keeping a journal might improve one's mental health.  

  • Reduction in Anxiety
  • Stree Relief
  • Way of expressing thought
  • No fear of judgment
  • Concentration evolvement 

That brings us to this article's main subject: the ideal pens for journaling. Experts and professionals chose all of the products listed in this post. Choose your favourite based on your preferences. Each creation is distinct from the others and has its own unique qualities. Continue reading to learn more.


Although there are many different types of pens on the market, the best ones are listed below. Pens for journaling fall under a number of distinct categories. To make it simple for you to choose, all of the products listed below have been divided into categories.


  • The Best Ballpoint Pen for Journaling:

The two best available ballpoint pens for journaling have to be Zebra's products. Zebra is a brand synonymous with ball pens, which come with the thinnest ink point making your writing look beautiful and smooth. The first one is the Zebra ballpoint pen of 0.7mm ink point, and the second one is a Zebra ballpoint pen of 0.5mm ink point. Professionals highly recommend both pens.


  • The Best Fountain Pen for Journaling

Fountain pens are considered the symbol of legacy. Nowadays, there are not so many manufacturers of fountain pens. Kaco is a brand that manufactures high-quality fountain pens which are recommended for journaling. Their best-selling fountain pen is the square fountain pen comes in various colours. 


  • The Best Gel Pen for Journaling

Gel pens are the most common pen used for writing and journaling. When it comes to gel pens, no brand can beat the quality provided by two brands named Kaco and Zebra. You can opt for their two best-selling products, which include Kaco pure assorted colour gel pens and Zebra Sarasa clip gel pens of 0.7mm. 


  • The Best Marker for Journaling:

If you want to make your journal look bold and dark, Markers are all you need. Having trouble finding the best markers, no worries; we have covered you. The two most recommended marker pens to make your journal look attractive are Sakura Pigma Micron Pens - ultra fine nib and Staedtler Triplus Blackbox.


  • The Best Rollerball Pen for Journaling:

Rollerball pens are one of the unique inventions in the stationary industry. They were made to prevent friction while writing and give you a smooth writing feeling. The two most recommended rollerball pens you can opt for are Uniball Air Micro Roller Ball Pen and Cobble Roller Pen.


  • The Best Mechanical Pencil for Journaling:

Mechanical pencils were created as a result of the union of innovation and stationery. There aren't many producers of mechanical pencils. However, for your reference, here are the top two: Turbo Mechanical Pencil 0.5 Premium and Baoke Mechanical Pencil.




You might be wondering where to find these things right now, but don't worry. Scooboo is there for you. Scooboo is a business that offers customers an online store where they can purchase all kinds of stationery. Use the top journaling pens on the market to give your diary a nicer look and to communicate your ideas. Visit Scooboo to know more!

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