Enhance the working system of your office with Stationery products under Rs. 499 at Scooboo!

Most people nowadays think stationery is not so important in today's world because the world is becoming digital. But that's not true. Stationeries play a vital role in the smooth working of business or your academic life. 

Not only does a smooth working system, but it also represents your employees' personality along with stationeries that acts as a form of communication that can influence how clients think about you when they engage with your business.  

Most businesses make a major mistake by not investing much in stationeries because they want their working system to be cost-effective. Addressing this issue faced by many entrepreneurs and business owners, Scooboo has launched a wide range of available products under Rs. 499 only. All these products are unique to each other and will add value to your working system. Keep on reading to know more!

Best-in-class Innovative products available at Scooboo under rupees 499

Many businesses of today's world are failing because of an unhealthy working environment, and employees are always staying demotivated. To solve this issue faced by entrepreneurs, Scooboo has listed some of the unique products that can help businesses to achieve a healthy working environment:

Papercoal Sticky Notes 3*3 Inch

It is one of the most useful products every office should have. It helps people remember important events and contributes to the smooth working of tasks. Papercoal is a renowned stationery brand and one of the most popular ones. Some of the noticeable features include the following:

  • It comes with dot grid alignment
  • It comes with a partially sticky back
  • It easily sticks to most surfaces, including textured ones
  • The package contains a total of 50 sheets. 
  • A unique way to organize your work schedule. 

Bold Weekly Notepad | Squares

Planning is the ultimate basis of all kinds of work schedules. It is one of the most useful weekly planners your employees can use to meet deadlines. Planning can make your tasks easier and ruin your day if you plan badly. According to different studies, most tasks are not completed on time due to poor planning, and this product was created to address this issue. Some of the features include:

  • It comes with large square box columns, which gives you ample space to write
  • Organize your weekly schedule, weekly meals, and to-do lists.
  • Easily detachable and can be stuck to any surface 
  • It can also be customized with your company's name
  • Good quality pictures with a smooth texture 

Solo Desk Organizer

How can people be motivated if their working desk is always loaded with unnecessary stuff? Most employees can't keep their desks clean because of insufficient space and a lack of organizers. If you see the same problem in your office, you must opt for an organizer; this product will be best for you. It offers amazing features, which include:

  • Available in various sophisticated colors
  • It will make your desk look clean and neat
  • It has five sections to keep pen, pads, scissors, glue sticks, scale, etc.
  • Made with opaque material
  • All the smallest compartments are accessible by fingertips to tweezers & pick up small objects conveniently.

Solo Expanding File - Lock and Handle

Papers and Documents are the two most essential elements of an office, but most people can't handle them because of the number of papers and the lack of file holders. This file holder is one of the most convenient and will allow your employees to keep important and regular documents separately in one file. The major features include: 

  • Compatible Size
  • It comes with 12-section pockets to store your documents.
  • Expandable large pockets
  • Perfectly stitched for an elegant look
  • Made with strong quality 

Vib Perpetual Calendar

A Calendar is a must-have on every working desk. Daily planners also make it convenient for workers to keep track of days and months. It is a unique form of Calendar that will last for a lifetime. Yes, you have to set the date and month on the writing space, which will work as a regular calendar. Some of the unique features it offers are:

  • Available in vibrant shades of colors
  • It comprises three slots: day, date, and month
  • Will last for a lifetime
  • It comes with size dimensions of 19.8 x 6.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Easy to use 

Make your business grow with Scooboo! 

Are you an entrepreneur trying hard to make your business stand among the leading ones? Don't worry; Scooboo has got you covered. Scooboo can help you by providing high-quality, super-affordable stationery products that motivate your employees, resulting in a smooth working system. Enjoy your entrepreneurial journey with the amazing products offered by Scooboo


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