Teachers devote a significant amount of time and effort both within and beyond the classroom to bringing out the best in their students. 

Having high-quality teaching supplies can help you and your kids thrive, whether you're a schoolteacher or a homeschooler.




Teachers' Red Pen of Choice: Pilot Grip-Roller Ball Pen



A reliable red pen is essential for teachers who spend more than an hour a day grading work. On our website, we offer several red pens.

We wanted to emphasise the Pilot Grip-Roller Ball Pen.

It draws a broad, brilliant red line so your hands don't become fatigued after a long day of grading. It provides ultra-fine lines and excellent writing comfort.


Teachers' Favourite Colored Pens: Kaco Pure Assorted Colour Gel Pens 



Although red is still the most popular grading colour, negative associations with the colour have led many teachers to seek out alternatives. 

The tried-and-true Kaco Pure Assorted Colour Gel Pens come highly recommended.

It has a gentle touch and lightweight quality, as well as a fashionable and colourful style. 

They can help to extend the writing time. You may draw exquisite lines with the ultra-fine 0.5mm point.


Teachers' Favourite Highlighter: Pure Macaron Highlighter



Using a highlighter to bring pupils' attention to crucial points is another option. 

When highlighting, the Pure Macaron Highlighter is specially engineered to adhere with water-based ink, preventing smearing.

You can confidently emphasise any method your pupils use to write.


The Best Multi Pen for Teachers: KACO 4 in 1 Multi Gel Pen 



A multi-pen is ideal for teachers who want to use only one tool to meet all of their demands. Gel pen and mechanical pencil in one handy package.

The Antibacterial pen grip on the KACO 4 in 1 Multi Gel Pen makes writing healthy and comfortable.

There's even a mechanical pencil included. Multi mechanical pencils are available for teachers who appreciate the versatility of pencils.




Teachers' WhiteBoard Marker of Choice: Faber-Castell Whiteboard Marker



Many schools now use whiteboards in their classrooms, and the Faber-Castell Whiteboard Marker is our favourite dry erase marker.




Teachers' Favourite Binder Clips: Deli Binder Clips




The modest binder clip makes our list of essential teaching supplies because it helps teachers arrange loose documents.

The Deli Binder Clips can be utilised in a variety of situations. 

These binder clips provide a stable and stronghold. Ideal for use at school, the office, and on a daily basis.


The Best File Holder for Teachers: Trio File Bag Snap Button Bags



Another way to keep loose-leaf papers organised is to file them away are The Trio File Bag Snap Button Bags.

They Are Popular Amongst Teachers As Portfolio Managers. They assist you in storing your entire portfolio or important documents.


Teachers' Stapler of Choice: Kangaro HD-10D Stapler



Every teacher needs a stapler, whether it's for stapling syllabi, homework, or handouts.

With just one hand, you can staple up to 20 sheets of paper with the Kangaro HD-10D Stapler, which requires very little force to operate.



Teachers are underappreciated for their efforts both in and out of the classroom.

We hope this guide is helpful to teachers in need of extra materials or students who want to express their gratitude by sending a gift via Scooboo.

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