You've probably seen washi tape on Pinterest, Instagram, and DIY websites, and you may even have your supply. They're almost too cute to use.

Washi tapes work well in planners as well.





Washi tape is a Japanese masking tape with many different colours and patterns. Washi paper is a traditional Japanese paper created by hand from mulberry, bamboo, or rice. Washi tape has a matte texture that is pleasant to the touch because it is composed of paper.


Because washi tape is slightly translucent, it will blend in with the light-coloured paper. Some specialty washi tapes have a metallic or iridescent coating applied to the surface, making them more opaque.


The adhesive is designed to be repositionable, the tape is simple to apply, peel off, and reposition. Washi tape is popular for crafting and decorating because of this property and the variety of gorgeous designs available.





Washi Tape Picture Frames and Magnets- When you apply colourful washi tape to plain picture frames, they quickly become more vibrant. Patterns should complement the tone of your images.

You may also use washi tape to attach photos to strip magnets, which we achieved by breaking up magnetic roll tape. It gives any room a scrapbook feel.

Washi Tape Coasters- Decorate white coasters with washi tape if you like to go above and above when entertaining visitors.

Your guests will be curious as to where these lovely coasters came from and will be impressed by your originality as a result. Changing the designs on the coasters will help guests remember which cup is theirs.





Washi Tape Notebooks- Washi tape the spines of your notebooks to colour code and arrange them instead of using boring labels. They'll give your office shelves a nice splash of colour.

Instead of using boring labels, tape the spines of your notebooks to colour code and arrange them. They'll add some colour to your office shelves.

Washi Tape on Other Office Items- You can use washi tape on any of your office items. Use paper clips and washi tape to make your bookmarks.

Use washi tape on index tabs to jazz up an organisational system. Use washi tape to personalise pen cups—the possibilities are unlimited!





Washi Tape Vases- Washi tape your vases and jars for a fun party effect. Place them as interesting and surprising decorations throughout the party space.

Depending on the tone you want to set, you can switch out different recordings for different occasions.

Washi Tape Picks and Bunting- Washi tape is ideal for finishing off your theme with small details. For a beautiful aesthetic, fold little strips of washi tape over picks and cut out a flag shape to insert in cupcakes or other miniature pastries.





Washi Tape Gift Wrap- Line the borders of gifts with washi tape to make them even more memorable. For a consistent aesthetic, use the same or comparable tape to embellish the accompanying gift label.

Washi Tape Favour Boxes- Washi tape can be used to personalise simple favour boxes for your next celebration. Washi tape can be used in a variety of ways on the boxes.

You can line the entire box, simply the lid or the corners, or the inside for a surprise. These one-of-a-kind boxes will be treasured by your visitors!



With these suggestions, we hope to have sparked your imagination. Check out our website for the Best Planner Washi Tapes available if you want to use washi tapes in your planner.

These amusing paper tapes can be used in a variety of ways. In the comments, tell us how you've used them.

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