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What are Sticky Notes?



Since its invention in 1980, sticky notes have proven to be extremely useful for students and professionals. They help you remember important information, remind others, and make note-taking more enjoyable.

Sticky notes have grown less frequent in recent years due to the shift to more digital means, but they remain a popular method of keeping things in order. Particularly in offices or if you're used to reading and taking notes simultaneously.

Few stationery items achieve iconic status. One such icon is the Post-it Note.

"Post-it Note" is one of those brand names that has become generic, similar to Coke, Kleenex, and Hoover. The Post-it Note has both been inspired and used as a medium for artistic creations.

Since the 1980s, Post-it Notes, invented by 3M's Art Fry, has helped us stay organised. They make life easier by allowing us to scribble essential notes (that would otherwise slip our minds) and stick them to documents, desks, computer monitors, and other surfaces.

While the Post-it Note brand has a lot more variety, sticky notes can also be found in Papercoal, Baoke, Hopax, and other brands.

We're convinced you've used these handy pads at home or work, and you're probably so used to the yellow 3X3 squares that you don't think twice about buying them.

In this piece, we'll go through all of your Post-it Note options, so buckle up because things are about to get exciting!


How do you choose a sticky note?




A 3 by 3 square is the typical sticky note, which is also used in the dispensers. You may have come across sizes that were a little smaller or larger, but did you know about the 8 x 6 Post-it Sticky Notes?

This large format may be a touch extreme, but we wanted to emphasise that Post-it Notes come in many sizes.



The most popular colour for sticky notes is canary, but it's not the only one.

These vibrant, eye-catching colours will provide your office with a splash of colour.



Plain, lined, and quadrille Post-it Notes are available (grid). Lists and special projects benefit from lined and quadrille pads. Please note that lined pads are not available in 3 by 3 sizes, and quadrille pads are only available in 4 x 6 sizes.



Most 3 × 3 sticky notes come in 12-packs, 18-packs, or 24-pack value bundles. Larger pads, such as a 4 x 6, usually have less in a pack.

We chose to include packing in this post because most people don't consider it while making a purchase.


Different Types of Sticky Notes



So far, we've only looked at the most basic sticky note possibilities.

But what if you're looking for something unique? For instance, a pad with adhesive across the entire back rather than just the edge?

Here is a collection of some unique sticky note items.

  • Personal Planner – The printed weekly calendar on these large sticky notes has space to jot down appointments and tasks.
  • Notepads – These notepads are ideal for use at home, with lines for creating lists and a magnet on the back to attach to the refrigerator.
  • Cubes – These pads come in a cube style and each cube contains numerous colours.
  • Yellow Notes – They can stick almost anyplace and are repositionable and removable thanks to the special adhesive. Post-it Yellow Notes are great for vertical and hard-to-stick-to surfaces because they stay put and get noticed.
  • Flags – Avoid the hassle of having to supply multiple signature placement instructions to yourself or your workers. These vibrant message flags take care of everything. They are removable and repositionable.
  • Creative Tack-It – Mix and knead the colours together to make more wall collages at home, work, and school. The creative tack-it has been Dermatologically examined. The adhesive is removable and reusable. Combine to create various colours.
  • Memo Block – Top-glued and easily torn off-colour. Any Workstation needs a Memo Block to keep track of notes, checklists, and more. They come with 100 colour sheets in a variety of colours.

Page Markers: It's ideal for making marginal notes. Page markers are great for marking any paper that will stay in place till it is removed. Neon Colours are easy to write on and recyclables are sorted.



There is a Sticky Note for everyone, as you can see. Consider your options the next time you need additional sticky notes and decide which one best suits your personality.

And remember to visit when you're ready to enhance your sticky note game.

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